14 Letters to the Editor

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  1. What a difference two weeks has made. Saw then the first night with Josh & Roy and I think they have certainly improved over the past two weeks. Can’t wait until Feb 4 when we will see them live again.

    • Thanks Dinana for the videos.

      • My pleasure, Bobby!

  2. Has any one else noticed the change of attire for Gold City in the last while? There were several instances back a few months ago where the clothing was much more casual. It seems as if there has been a change back to dressing in nice suits and looking very classy.

    I, for one, like the look.

  3. I can easily see this line up rivaling the vocal line-up of Brian, Ivan, Mike, and Tim.

  4. Just having Tim Riley in any quartet ratchets the quality up several notches! Burce T. has really grown on me, and is one of my favorite lead singers now – it might be my imagination, but he seems much more comfortable in his role now.

  5. He seems to not be singing quite so “harshly”….. not sure how else to say that….

    • Yes, I’d say he’s warming up and now we’re starting to see what he can do.

  6. I agree. The two additional weeks has added “polish” if thats a good term. You knew the potential was there from the screening of their first night together. They just needed a little time to mesh. I cannot wait to get their first CD. The attire is I think a great thing too. A little of the older style (suits always) with a fresh powerful sound is not a bad way to go. I’m sure with Dad assisting helps too. Nothing but positive things happening! Way to go Gold City.

  7. I have a strange request to those who video like this. I want to purchase a video cam and only ask those of you to give me some ideas of what style to buy, ie, flip, or a larger one. Thanks.

    • The one I have is an older model but it has worked well for me for youtube videos. It doesn’t record DVD’s, just video files, and it uses SDHC cards. It’s a Canon FS100 and it was not very expensive. It also has an “Easy” button with pre-set settings which has been great for me. I have not found an editor that I like though, so I don’t do much editing.

      Most of the on-line electronics sellers have ways to compare models and features and that’s what I used before I bought the one I have.

  8. “I’m sure with Dad assisting helps too. ”

    We KNOW Dad is assisting, and the group has risen about 2 notches since he’s came back…. they are on track to become the group to beat(like they did for MANY years back late ’80s – early ’90s then again in the late ’90s early ’00s)

    • QwertyJaun
      Agree with all you said. Nothing wrong with easing the style back back a bit from time to time but until now I was really worried about the direction. Not that great music wasn’t there however it seemed to me that things were not to their established standard. Lots to ponder but the they are “on track”.

  9. I agree with the ones who say that there has been a definite up-tick of quality in the sound. And, although I’m not a “suit and tie” guy myself, I do like to see the professionalism in the group.

    Now, if someone can get them back to Texas!