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  1. I think it was great! I had no doubt in my mind that Devin would blend beautifully with the other Signature Sound guys. His vocal stylings and timbre are rather similar to that of Doug’s which to me, brings smoother harmonies. I did enjoy Ryan very much and I say the following statement with no offense intended to him whatsoever. But personally, I love that Devin is with the group now and enjoy their sound even more than before.

    • I totally disagree — I absolutely loved Ryan Seaton’s voice. Of course Devin has a great voice, as well, but it’s not the same, at least to me, without Ryan. I am really disappointed with the change, and this is absolutely no reflection on Devin…I just don’t understand why, if something “works,” why change?

  2. I must agree with Meagan. While I don’t agree with the way Ryan Seaton was apparently let go from the group, I do enjoy the blend of Devin’s voice with the group very much.

  3. I don’t think they’ve gelled yet. It’s not as smooth and tight as before. The video also lacked the energy that I’m used to when I’ve seen EHSS in the past. Hopefully this can be corrected with time. [EDITED]

    [Moderator’s note. There’s no point in slamming EHSS, Ryan, or Devin, at least here, since we do our best to keep this site positive.]

    • You make my comment to be worse than I meant. I do not believe I made any disparaging comment. I’m a huge fan of EHSS. I merely questioned why the change. Everyone asked that question. How is that slamming them?

      • No, you certainly weren’t using bad language or anything like that.

        It was the “bad move or at least a poor decision in the short term” part that I edited.

        Truth be told, David, there have been 3 or 4 comments to this thread that I had to delete entirely—just people venting their frustration (which they’re entitled to do in a space of the internet they’re paying for themselves!) but not comments that added any merit to the discussion. On the other hand, I thought your comment overall had merit, so I put most of it up.

      • Thank you for the explanation and the post. I appreciate it.

      • No problem. I do try to be reasonable, and I appreciate your understanding.

        Actually, on a less contentious topic, I might have even let the post stand as is; however, I had to step in to calm down a knock-down-and-drag-out fight on a similar topic not too long ago, so I guess you could call me extra cautious on this topic.

        Thanks for stopping by and for your participation!

    • I think they’ll get better with time, but I do enjoy the sound already. When it comes to the energy and the movement of the group, I always felt that Ryan was still a little stiff after being there so long and it seemed forced to me. I think Devin will be a better fit, overall.

  4. I agree with David, it was nice but Gold City had a better first night with their new singer!!! LOL Personally, I am not sure what it is, but all the Cathedral songs that Sig Sound does…. well, I would rather go play Glen and George instead. I sure do miss those guys! “sigh”

  5. I agree DJ that those groups that re-cut Cathedrals songs. I would rather hear the Catehdrals and even though L5 and Signature Sound *and for that matter Old Friends) had / has common members, they couldn’t / can’t beat or even match the Cathedrals. Don’t get me wrong, each has or had good material and performances, but trying to cut Cathedrals songs only points out the fact that they aren’t the Cathedrals.

  6. It’s hard to judge the quality of the sound based on a recording that was probably done on someone’s cell phone. I think it does sound good though. I liked Ryan, but I think Devin definitely has a stronger voice and it shows. As for the energy, I think they have consciously tried to get away from so much of the choreography in the last year or so. I have seen them in concert several times over the last 18 months or so and that aspect has been greatly reduced, which I appreciate. I’d rather hear them sing well, than dance around all over the stage. As for Ryan’s departure, please remember, we don’t have the details, so we can’t make judgements on what happened. It is Ernie’s group and ultimately he is responsible and it’s his call, whether we like it or not.

  7. I saw EH&SS last year in the Will Rogers center in Fort Worth, and the worship experience was fantastic. I watched the video, and like BJ the quality of the recording can affect our perception of what it was truly like.

    But, let’s not forget this. Ryan apparently has no ill-will towards anyone. He did say in his interview that his children were affected by his being gone for days at a time, and really had no concept of the “I’ll be back on Sunday” reasoning. If anyone has never travelled professionally, they have no idea as to the toll that it takes on the individual and the family.

    Let’s give Devin the chance to find his place; and his voice in SS. He is not Ryan; thank God! Our Lord created us all different and unique. Let’s allow Devin to be Devin, and remember that it’s all about glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Well said!

  8. Does anyone else think that Devin sounds a lot like a lower version of Ernie? What a great group!

    My dad sang with the Stamps as a young man back in the early 60’s and I am proud of the southern gospel tradition these guys are continuing to carry on to a younger generation.

  9. Yes, Devin does sound a little like Ernie. I Liked Ryan but I like Devin much better. He is a more natural fit. I have heard some talk about the way that Ryan was let go… No one knows about that and we should be careful what is said. Yes Ryan sounded a lilttle out of it on the interview but I think he was being careful of what to say. … A s for the choreography. It is still there. People have just gotten used to it. In the beginning people just exagerated about how much it was. … BTW I love EHSS. I think they are the best group Ever! ….. … On another note, have you all seen GVB choreography .. Now that is a hoot !.

  10. So far, from what I’ve heard, the close harmony is lacking. Hopefully it will get better, but Ryan was charismatic and charming – [EDIT]. Seems like a nice guy – but Ryan can’t be replaced.