Singing News moves Fan Awards to Dollywood

Yesterday. Singing News announced that they will be ending their nearly four-decade partnership with the National Quartet Convention, moving the Fan Awards to Dollywood this year. The event will be combined with the SGMA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, and the two events will be held Wednesday, September 29, 2010, in Pigeon Forge.

Reaction is mixed; some are ambivalent, many aren’t happy. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

Most of this commentary assumes that Singing News was offered the same offer as in previous years, a prime-time two and a half hour time segment. But that’s not necessarily the case; a rumor holds that Singing News may have only been offered an afternoon showcase this year. If so, the move makes more sense.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There a few advantages to the move, the most notable of which is the increased spotlight on the legends being honored at the Hall of Fame inductions ceremonies. Singing News will probably also have more control over the logistics and fewer time constraints.

Two items head the disadvantages list: First, it will be harder to get the nominees to attend. For the last few decades, virtually every nominated group has been at the Fan Awards, since they spend the week at NQC anyhow. Second, this move is from a 20,000 seat area (that typically had at least 80% of those seats filled) to an arena that seats approximately 3,260 people.

Who is risking more?

It is unlikely both events will come out ahead. With the events two or three weeks apart, non-wealthy Southern Gospel fans (and that’s about 95% of us) will have to choose one or the other.

Will the fans and artists still come to the Fan Awards?

Will the fans and artists still come to the National Quartet Convention?

The National Quartet Convention is almost guaranteed to see a 10%-20% decline in attendance. But it isn’t risking much more than that. In this context, its greatest strength is the number of groups with strong fan bases who will be on main stage but not among the top ten performing at the Fan Awards. If these groups had to choose, many would select the NQC over an event where they don’t perform and probably don’t sell product.

For the Fan Awards to succeed, nominees (especially those without a top 10 song) have to be willing to do both events.

So it would seem that Singing News is risking more. But attempting to fill a 3,200-seat theater is a much smaller task than filling a 20,000-seat arena. They should be able to pull enough fans from the area that they aren’t really risking a half-full venue. Their risk is that the event could lose its prestige and that the nominees won’t come. However, their 40-year history gives them a momentum that should sustain the event for a few years, long enough to see if this arrangement works.


In light of this move, what changes should the Fan Awards and NQC make?

The one thing that could leave the Fan Awards stronger than before would be a free online stream. Loss of ticket sales shouldn’t be an issue, since the theater is small enough that they should be able to easily fill it. Suppose nominees heavily promote the live stream to their email lists; 10,000 online viewers wouldn’t be a surprise, and 4-5 times that is possible. Releasing the e-audience numbers would help ensure that the event retains enough prestige to draw the nominees.

In all likelihood, the NQC board is trying to think up another event that will hold people all day Saturday. (Moving the Fan Awards from Thursday to Saturday several years ago was an attempt to do just that.) But the last few years suggest that this is a losing battle. Perhaps NQC should bite the bullet now and scale down their Saturday program. Most exhibitors, artists and otherwise, have torn down by 8 PM; they want to be packed and rolling in time to catch a Sunday date. Even artists featured on main stage frequently have their booths torn down by the time they’re off stage. Though some fans stay the night, most aren’t in the exhibit hall.

NQC would do well to borrow a page from their Sunday pre-concert playbook, and close the event with a bonus concert featuring three or four marquee groups, each for an hour. Each group could have a table out in the lobby, freeing up exhibitors to tear down. But for those who can only attend on Saturday, the entire exhibit hall could be open from 4-6. With a time frame this short and a closing time early enough to allow plenty of time to tear down afterwards, most booths would stay up and the exhibit hall could go out with a bang instead of a whimper.

This parting of ways is not ideal, but with a few adjustments, all parties involved can make it work.

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  1. I would hope that those people who are automatically blaming Singing News for this change will step back and try to see the bigger picture. Why would they take the risk, especially in this economy, of moving the awards away from NQC after all these years? Obviously, SN is taking the high road and putting a positive spin on the move, as would be expected both for the move itself and the class act SN is. But I would suspect there is more here than SN just pulling up roots after all this time. But because of Christian diplomacy, the average fan may never know. Too bad, because that’s who it ultimately effects the most. But, as in most things, there probably are other facts most of us don’t know.

    I, too, have heard all SN was offered was an afternoon slot, which means fans would have to pay an extra ticket price in order to attend the ceremony. If that is the case, fans would be upset about that, too. It almost would seem as if the SN were in a no-win situation, if NQC didn’t offer them much. So, maybe SN decided to cut their loses with an organization who wanted to keep moving their event. I don’t know.

    What I do know is that both SN Fan Awards and NQC are good for the industry, and I hope fans will continue to support both, even if they can’t financially attend both events. My personal pick will be the Fan Awards because, besides enjoying the awards itself, also because of lower motel prices, smaller crowds, and because I have never been to the Hall of Fame before. I think a new experience will be fun. So if I can’t go to both, I will be going to Dollywood.

  2. I can definitely see the many positives and negatives of the situation. I haven’t quite formed an opinion overall. I can see both the NQC and the SN both benefitting from this IF it is done well. But from a personal standpoint, I would now be more likely to be able to attend the Fan Awards every year than NQC. Due to time constrains, it is impossible for me to attend NQC every year, much to my disappointment. However, Dollywood is not too far of a drive for me, just a couple of hours. That would be very manageable on a yearly basis.

    This brings to light some interesting things to ponder, that much is for certain.

    *We have discussed previously on this blog the fact of so many artists pulling out of NQC early Saturday night, thus leaving Exhibit Hall virtually empty at the close of the event. Without the fan awards, this will certainly increase.

    *Is this move going to open up other opportunities? Filming the fan awards for internet streaming or DVD production?

    It will definitely be interesting to see how this pans out.

  3. The current trend ,in light of the current economic times, is for organizers of homecoming events for the artists to expand the one night homecomings to a two night events.
    Promoters of multiple nights events are expanding their events to more nights to take advantage of the mid week open dates of the artists.
    The rationale in both cases to make the events worth the trip and offer a better value for the fans traveling long distances to enjoy opportunities during the day of the events.

  4. #3–Given what you said is true, and I believe it is, do you think that more promotions like Legacy Five’s Opryland weekend, Greater Vision’s weekends, and I now here one is in the works for Booth Brothers in FL, would these not also take away from the attendance at NQC? I mean most people can ony attend so many events financially. And if we want to try a new promotion, it may have to be at the expense of not going to another we used to attend regularly.

    I agree, #2, the groups have no reason at all to stay past their given night to sing at NQC. To do so costs them money rather than them be making money on a prime night for bookings. I cannot fault any group for needing to make a living.

    Who knows? After seeing the fallout for a couple of years, perhaps NQC and SN will reunite. It remains to be seen, but I still hope people can hold an open mind and heart about both entities.

  5. I wish th SN and NQc the best but I (along with a lot of others I’m sure) will not be able to go to both events. I just started going to the NQC in 2005. I live 5 hours from the NQC and I live 6 hours from Pigeon Forge so I will not be able to attend both events and I really enjoy the SN awards but I would choose hearing my favorite groups at the NQC. Time will tell if this move will work but I am afraid that SG will lose fans to both events by splitting them. Just my opinion.

  6. I seriously doubt it’s going to affect the attendance at NQC. You expect a 10-20% drop in attendance, but you also indicated that it didn’t help the Exhibit Hall situation very much when the awards were moved to Saturday night. People go to NQC for more than the Fan Awards.

    I don’t think Saturday night on the main stage should be scaled down necessarily, but I do like the idea of the artists who are performing on main stage having a table set up on the track around the lower level of Freedom Hall that night only.

  7. I personally think that a move to Indianapolis by NQC will hurt their attendance more, but I do think there is a chance for a decline in attendance overall, because of SN Awards no longer being a part of it. As much of an uproar as their seems to be, I’d say that it’s pretty important to people, or else they wouldn’t be wading in with their comments. How much of an effect, I’m not sure. But when things start changing a lot (and SN pulling out is a major change), once something “isn’t like it used to be,” that’s when the indifference sets in.

    I will say this: in my opinion, there didn’t seem to be an “exhibit hall situation” until the NQC started cramming all the afternoons full of programming and opening up the matinees to any group who would purchase a booth space. This creates a two-fold problem. 1) The smaller regional groups have to leave to go sing so they can pay the bills, thus emptying the exhibit hall even more than the main groups leaving. And 2) There is so much programming during the day, what happens is NQC ends up competing with itself. The average attendee is probably aged 55-75, and by the time they’ve spent the day in matinees, I would think they’d be too tired to do much running around in the exhibit hall at night. I’m thinking they probably either stay in their motel room, or get a hot dog and coke and put themselves in their seat for the night program and stay there until they decide to leave for the night. Perhaps fewer events would be better, especially if those fewer events were mega-strong in terms of talent, and not just collections of runner-ups who didn’t make it to the main stage at night.

  8. This is just flat-out not cool. My brother and I have gone for 5 years straight, and the Fan Awards (spoken as a young person) were our highlight of the week. We used to love making predictions as to who was going to win, and watching upset wins like when the Booth Brothers first won. Now, I may never again see an SN Fan Awards show.

    Just. not. cool. Devastatingly mind-numbing. And for those of you who think this will not affect attendance, I can almost guarantee you it will. It may affect MY attendance, for one. Maybe not 10-20%, but it will affect it.

  9. #8 – Tyler, I don’t know where you are from, but if you are a young person, maybe a trip to the SGMA/SN Fan Awards in September would be fun for you and your brother. At the very least, you can still make your predictions and celebrate in your own way. I know it’s disappointing to have the awards move–I’m disappointed, too. But I think this may present other opportunities for you to broaden your southern gospel horizons. We need more young people like you to be fans and be involved. Keep on being a fan! That said, I think that SN and SGMA will be making this new awards the show to be reckoned with. I’d be expecting a steller performance. History in the making!

  10. Hi Brady, thanks for your comments.

    It’s basically impossible for me (and the general public) to go to both events since they packed them so close together. I would almost choose to skip NQC and go to the ceremony IF I knew that the major artists were going to be there to perform and accept their awards. If they turned it into a high-class event like the CMA awards or something like that, and all the major artists were there to receive their awards, then I would possibly attend.

    Otherwise, the awards just lost much of their prestige, and the award that used to define SG is catapulted into oblivion. It is indeed history in the making.

  11. For whatever it’s worth, this is the email you’ll get from Clarke Beasley when you email the NQC:

    “Thank you for taking the time to express your comments and concerns. From an NQC perspective, be assured that we wish nothing but the best for the Singing News and the Southern Gospel Music Association as they attempt to help each other in combining their award presentations. While we are saddened that we are at an end of an era and a tremendous run with the Fan Awards being located at the NQC, as enthusiastic supporters of both entities, rest assured that we will be cheering them on in this endeavor.

    In terms of what we offer our regular attendees and supporters, I think you will be pleased with the program we will produce. Hopefully, the full schedule will be posted to our website by the end of the month, and we look forward to announcing some exciting things.”

    All I can say is, these “exciting things” better be really, really good.

  12. I think it’s a great move for both parties!

  13. #10 – Tyler, if my hunches are correct, this inaugural Fan Awards, post-NQC era, is going to be huge. First of all, they HAVE to make it huge because it’s the debut event. So, I don’t think it is at all presumptuous to be expecting some really big things. More time, better venue for filming, etc….I think this could be really big for SN and I think it could take the awards to the next level as you suggested, like CMA. Who knows what they have up their sleeve at SN? I do know that they try to put the fans first in every decision they make. Is it always possible to please all the fans? No. But I know the fine folks at SN, and I believe the fans are seriously considered when any move is made by that magazine. That said, I believe the artists who really care will make a concerted effort to be at the awards for the fans’ sake, as well. I agree with #12–Chris. Let’s not write this off as a failure for both parties just yet.

    My vacation at work allows me to take my accrued leave one day at a time, so if I so chose, I could go to NQC a few days and still have the vacation to go to the SNFA, which is probably what I’ll do. I realize not a lot of people have that same luxury, though, and for that I am very thankful.

  14. Brady wrote: “I, too, have heard all SN was offered was an afternoon slot, which means fans would have to pay an extra ticket price in order to attend the ceremony. If that is the case, fans would be upset about that, too. It almost would seem as if the SN were in a no-win situation, if NQC didn’t offer them much. So, maybe SN decided to cut their loses with an organization who wanted to keep moving their event. I don’t know.”

    This is all hypothetical since the decision has already been made, but I disagree with the idea that an afternoon showcase at NQC would be bad for the Fan Awards. I think it would have been ideal. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Fan Awards showcase forced them to seat people in the round in Freedom Hall rather than filling it only half full as they do for Gaither and the other showcases held in Freedom Hall. If Singing News was offered a showcase slot, they should have jumped all over it.

    As for buying an extra ticket, fans were already willing to pay full price for an evening concert ticket in order to see the Fan Awards. A move to a showcase with a presumably cheaper ticket price would have been viewed as a bonus for fans who consider the Fan Awards to be the highlight of the week. They could actually come out for less, since no one would have been forcing them to buy as many evening tickets as they had bought in previous years.

  15. Chris,
    I think it’s a great move for SGMA. That much is a no-brainer.

    Singing News is taking the greatest risk with this move. We don’t know the financial implications for them. What they’re risking is a dwindling interest in the Fan Awards, since fewer people will be able to attend…but they may be able to produce the show for less at Dollywood with a greater share of the profits.

    I think it’s neither here nor there for NQC. Sure, some won’t attend, but others might be more interested in attending on the weekend if they know it’s going to feature more music. NQC is so big that adding or removing a cog won’t necessarily cause it to feel a major impact.

    The biggest losers in this are fans who really want to attend both NQC and the Fan Awards, but can’t. Still, given the choice, even if they pick the Fan Awards first, the theater at Dollywood will only seat 2000. If it sells out, people won’t go there even if it was their first choice.

  16. DBM said, “The biggest losers in this are fans who really want to attend both NQC and the Fan Awards, but can’t. Still, given the choice, even if they pick the Fan Awards first, the theater at Dollywood will only seat 2000. If it sells out, people won’t go there even if it was their first choice.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, David.

  17. David—regarding the extra ticket, the tons of permanent reserve fans beg to differ with you on your theory that it would be a bonus to have to purchase another ticket just to see the awards at NQC, when they were used to getting the show for the price of an evening ticket they already held in their hand.

    The Fan Awards itself may have been great in an afternoon matinee format, but if it was at an extra price to the fans, the fans probably would not think so. Neither would SN if it were having to pay out for a show and NQC were keeping the ticket sales. We’ll probably never know all the facts that the players involved had before making such a decision, but I would assume the deal offered to SN was not worth staying around for or else they would have.

    I do agree that it seems like, at this point, the fans have lost the most. But I choose to be optimistic and hopeful about what the future holds for both organiziations. I believe the fans may be the ultimate winner if both SN and NQC make the most of their newfound opportunities to wow the fans. Time will tell.

    As for the limited space, let’s hope the awards outgrows Dollywood! That would be fantastic!

  18. Something else that came to my mind…I am sad for the families of the nominated artists. Most all of the artists have their families with them at NQC, thus giving them the opportunity to be at the Fan Awards. With Fan awards moving to a Wed. night in September, I think it’s going to be difficult for all of the nominees to be there, period. If they do, I would think they’d make the stop in Pigeon Forge on their way to their Thursday night concert destination. That leaves out the family members. I would think it would be extremely difficult for these spouses/children to drop everything mid-week and make the trip to support their artist family member nominees at the Fan Awards. It’s disheartening to me.

  19. 18-Megan: It has been my experience that people pick and choose to do what they want to do, and they let the rest go. Although it might be difficult for some families of nominated artists, they too have the choice of picking one event or the other if they can’t do both. If it means that much for them to be there for the awards, then they will have to make that choice. If they drop everything for the entire week to go to NQC, then if they so choose, they should be able to drop everything for a day or two to go to the Fan Awards, especially if they only do one or the other. There will be some who will do the awards, but there will be others who had rather be with their loved one the entire week at NQC rather than just the one night at the fan awards. Once again, like the fans, they have a choice.

  20. Agreed. But unlike the fans, this is much more personal for them and thus, the choice is a much more weighted one. It’s difficult for us because we want to see our favorite artists, naturally. But for the families, it is deeply personal, and it makes me sad for them that they will have to make these choices.

    As for taking a week off for NQC, that is something that is easier to me, given the dates. Especially for families with school-aged children, the end of September is when life starts getting incredibly busy because of school and extra-curricular activities. NQC week is usually not so difficult to take off for because things are still just starting up.

  21. I think you will be surprised at how many groups are going to support the Fan Awards. Since it will be tied in with the Hall of Fame honors, I hope it becomes the event that our industry sorely needs to honor itself and it’s members. We need a come-together time to congratulate, encourage, support, and celebrate! I really hope the SNFA can accomplish this.

    That said, I think Daniel should be commended for presenting this topic fairly and neutrally, laying out the pros and cons in such a way as to stir intelligent and meaningful debate that has not slammed one side or the other. That is not what any side is about. I believe both sides want to see our industry grow, and honestly, folks, when that happens, no one loses. Thanks, Daniel!

    • I completely agree. If it is done well, I think overall, it could be a great thing and a boost to the industry.

      I could not agree more with your comments about Daniel. Thank you, Daniel!

    • Thanks!

      It’s an incredibly rare occasion when I take two hours on a post, but that is what I did here, to have it as balanced as possible.

      • Daniel, thanks for the hard work. Unfortunately, I do not get to attend the NQC or the awards so it’s really a moot issue for me.

        But, from what you wrote, it would appear that there is a dollar issue for Singing News, and in this day and age, we cannot begrudge them.

      • Yeah. Especially in this economy.

  22. Brady said: “I realize not a lot of people have that same luxury, though, and for that I am very thankful.”

    You are thankful that not many people have the same luxury you do? 😉

  23. Yes, quartet-man. I am THAT mean-hearted. LOL!

  24. Just a few things to consider, the SN fan awards will now be on a Wednesday…how many people more than an hour away will take off to drive that very busy road to Pigeon Forge?
    As for NQC many of the people come on bus tours from quite a distance to see the NQC and the SN fan awards. Unless Saturday night is not a very compelling concert line-up tour companies may have difficulties getting their normal annual customers to sign up for the trip.

  25. Most people who are committed to NQC to the point of buying permanent seats every year are already buying showcase tickets too. The Gaither/Haase showcase for the last two years has been packed, and that was for a higher than normal showcase ticket price.

  26. I’d love to know how everyone ‘knows’ what has gone down?

    So, if Singing News were offered a assume that it would cost. Who’s to say it wouldn’t be a free show provided by Singing News since the night edition of it was, even though it was part of NQC. Obviously more people could even attend at the showcase than the smaller venue in Dollywood. I don’t think NQC booted SN, SN chose to make the move. SN could have easily said, we’ll take the showcase but make it free so that people could attend (if it were not already free).

    Nothing against Singing News, but it’s aweful thin these days, and looking at circulation numbers that they have to print in the issue sometimes, numbers are down. I believe that overall the prestige is losing steam quickly.

    Most importantly, keep in mind, while our opinions count, if we are honest with ourselves, there are only a few posting on all of these sites. Singing News forums are quickly dying. Posts hardly get replies. A thread can stay on the front page with no activity for much longer than it use to. There are most likely under 50 people (definitely under 100) replying to posts on here/averyfineline, etc. We post a lot, but not many individual people. So we can’t really guess what the average fan will do. I’m sure we have a vast age difference on here, but typically the internet crowd is more than likely a younger crowd than the majority of NQC/SN fans. I for one have parents and grandparents who LOVE SG, but can’t turn on a computer. Their opinions count, but they don’t have an online voice. and they could care less about an award show. Many may, but the online few can’t make a realistic guess.

    About Indianapolis…
    I’d be willing to guess that there’s a larger amount of northerners who attend NQC anyway. It’s their chance to see many of the groups. Where as us in the South can go see any major group within 100 miles most every weekend. So attending an event isn’t as big of a deal. I would only imagine that people at NQC would have a database telling them where folks were coming from. And would use a logical judgement.

    IF you had access to a database of recent attendees and 1000 people came from Alabama, and 5000 came from Michigan, and that were the case among more states…wouldn’t it make sense. Les Beasley, Claude Hopper, Ben Speer, Gerald Wolfe, etc. have been around long enough to make good decisions. We aren’t talking about people making spur of the moment decisions. There has to be logic behind their moves.

    Let’s sit back and wait to see what THEY say instead of making up our assumptions and putting blame and deciding their fate. They may be wrong, but you’ll never know until it happens.

    I could also be very wrong with this post, but it’s a viewpoint that I haven’t read before.

    • You have great points, especially about Northern visitors to NQC. Half the groups on mainstage there do not come anywhere in the northern half (my half) of my state any given year—it is typically my only chance to see groups like the Dixie Echoes, the Melody Boys Quartet, the Chuck Wagon Gang, (back in the day) the Florida Boys, and sometimes many others. So I can see where it would be a big draw for northeners.

    • Oh: And for whatever it’s worth, my site gets 1400-1800 unique daily visitors, on the average, with peaks on big news days (e.g., Ryan Seaton leaves EHSS) of 2,300 or higher.

      I’d say that based on the variety of names / email addresses I see in comments, at least 200 of those readers comment on a couple things a month. Posts like this one, that get 35+ comments, happen a few times a month.

      Oh, and the Singing News forums are really slow these days because Salem was over-moderating, and most of the posters have moved to The numbers may be slightly down—not sure—but are at least comparable to posting a year ago.

  27. David, I think the issue here for a lot of folks is that, had SN stayed at NQC, NQC would have been making the fan awards a separate ticketed event when it used to be included in the evening ticket price.

    it is not the same as purchasing a matinee showcase for an event that has only been offered in the afternoon. We can’t compare apples and oranges here.

    And as long as fans are going to have to pay a separate ticket price for the awards, I am excited that SN is going to make a bigger and better event at Dollywood.

    • I think that it will be a wait and see kind of thing to see if the terms “bigger and better” will be appropriate for the event. We already know that it will be a small audience size because the arena at Dollywood holds a significantly less number of people. It will be interesting to see how what kind of changes and adjustments are made and how it will be received. I hope people give them the benefit of the doubt and give them a little grace during the first year or two as they transition and iron out details.

      • Meagan, maybe I should have said SN is going to “attempt” to make it bigger and better. I agree that only time will tell on a lot of things, from the awards at Dollywood to the NQC minus the awards.

        I totally agree on the grace period, though. And I do think this does have potential to give southern gospel music it’s due, as far as having an awards show to be proud of.

  28. We have attended the NQC for 22 years and have enjoyed the fan awards. We drive 900 miles and stay the week. Do you think we will drive 1200 miles two weeks later? Not a chance. While there may be some who have never seen Dollywood, the SG theatre, or Pigeon Forge and will go this year, I doubt they willl attend twice if they only have the means to go to one. It will become an event for performers and writers mostly.

    • Actually, that is not a bad thing. The awards should be reverted to an industry selected program like that of the CMAs, etc. Southern Gospel needs an industry event to honor their own.

      With that said, the awards program could still have one fan voted award, called fan favorite artist. Just a thought.

  29. Ok, I’ll do it.

    #26–First of all, the only thing I’m sure I agree with is the first half of your last sentence.

    Let’s take a look at your next to last paragraph:
    “Let’s sit back and wait to see what THEY say instead of making up our assumptions and putting blame and deciding their fate….”


    And if any of us knew what is involved in presenting the SN Fan Awards, from the producers to costs of awards, logisitics, manpower, cooperation from groups, etc, I would venture to cautiously guess very few of us would be tossing our hat in the ring to produce a free ceremony for the masses.

    [Editor’s note: This post went too far. Complete disagreement over policy is okay, but calling someone “fickle” and “uninformed” is too personal.]

    • Daniel, I am sorry if you felt my post went too far. It’s ironic that I felt the same way about the statements regarding SN in post #26. Becuase the post has been edited, I cannot for certain say what I wrote–I’ve slept since then. It is my belief that I did not cite any particular person as being fickle or uninformed. If you or anyone felt that they were singled out, then that’s very unfortunate–that was not my intent.

      • Brady, your comments are just fine normally, and a very welcome addition to this site!

        If you want, I can email you the comments (I saved a copy) – it was the fickle and uninformed phrase which prompted the edit.

        Truth be told, I would have also edited #26 as well if I didn’t know who it was, and didn’t know that that person knew whereof he/she was speaking.

      • So, are you saying that I don’t know whereof I am speaking? LOL! 🙂

        No need to email my commetns back to me–this is your site to monitor as you see fit, and I respect that. But I do want to clarify that I my post did have factual information about the issues of Singing News that #26 brought up, particularly regarding the size of the magazine. My main point was that while #26 directed the rest of us to not draw assumptins or lay blame, his/her post did just that. I meant nothing more. Your edit took most of the content away from my post, so I hope that is clarified here. And I do think that if you felt #26 should have been edited, it should have been so regardless of knowing the person. Just my personal thoughts. No hard feelings.

      • Actually, the point about SN being smaller was valid and nothing personal, and you’re right that that was just factual information. Sorry about removing that part.

      • Hey Brady, your email address is out of date – could you email me ( with yours?

  30. Since when are the Fan Awards free? We pay regular ticket prices to watch a night half-filled with the fan awards.

    There will still be awards costs, production costs, logisitics, manpower, and group cooperation costs, with or without NQC as a venue. For some reason, cost doesn’t feel like the legitimate issue here.

  31. The Fan Awards aren’t free, Tyler, for us to watch or the SN to produce. But #26 seems to think the night show was a freebie and the SN should have made it free for the public rather than move to a different venue.

    I don’t personally believe cost is an issue for the move. Maybe revenue is, though–maybe someone should be asking the question of who would get the money for the ticket sales if the SN had chosen to remain at NQC as a matinee. That may answer a lot of questions if we knew that.

  32. I agree, Brady. Good post.

  33. Should The SN Fan Awards Remain In Louisville At The NQC Or Be Moved To Dollywood, TN After The NQC?

    • Good idea for a poll, but I guess it’s not very relevant now since the decision has already been made.

  34. I agree with Brady on one point. The night Fan Awards show was not free. A ticket or some sort of pass was required to enter.

    I don’t know what sort of arrangement Singing News had with NQC, but that could certainly have a lot to do with the decision to move. If it was, in fact, a situation where Singing News was given time but no cut of the profits from that night’s ticket sales, then one can hardly blame them for moving to a location where they can presumably share in the profit. On the other hand, they may have misjudged the reaction of fans.

    It’s surprising that a number of fans have said they won’t attend NQC. I’ve yet to read that anyone is canceling their Singing News subscription. I thought Singng News would be the party taking the greater risk in this move.

    I’m still going to be surprised if it puts any sort of substantial dent in NQC attendance, though. We haven’t seen the lineup yet, and we don’t know what new events NQC will have to offer in 2010.

  35. Good post, David. I agree.

    I’m sure this would be a great topic to discuss after NQC and the SNFA to see what the fall-out, if any, was. I also think that NQC has greater cause for concern by moving the whole show to Indy. Personally, I think that’s going to be a bigger issue. And I still stand by my statement that the more events that are created by promoters throughout the year, the more people will want to try out some of those promotions, thus foregoing NQC.

    Personally, I’ve been going to NQC for over 25 years now and I’ve been reading SN that long, and I hope saying this doesn’t doom me to some life of misery, but if I didn’t go to NQC for a year or two, I really don’t think it would be the end of me. I see so many groups throughout the year at other events and pass-through concerts. In fact, last year alone, I saw something like 25-30 major groups before September even got here. So it’s not like I would be deprived if I missed NQC. But for certain, I would not want to give up receiving SN each month.

    I like NQC, and I think the whole experience is something that any gospel music lover needs to see and hear, and I will continue to attend faithfully, I’m sure. But my personal thought is that if I want to try to attend another event, it won’t kill me to not do NQC. Maybe that is the thought of some others, especially with all the changes going on.

  36. I am having difficulty finding the snail-mail address to send back my Fan Awards Ballot. Could you please supply me with this?

    Thank you.


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