Karen Peck & New River hires Jeff Hawes

After several years with Karen Peck & New River, Devin McGlamery recently left to become the lead singer for Signature Sound. KPNR announced yesterday that they have hired Jeff Hawes to sing Devin’s part.

Hawes has compiled a fairly impressive resumé of competing and placing in various talent contests. This is his first group.

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  1. Just wait til you hear Jeff’s voice.
    Saw Jeff over the weekend on a online website playing the piano and singing.
    Karen and Susan had a difficult matching the volume of the awesome newcomer.
    Make you go see when the new look of Karen Peck & New River shows up on your radar.
    You won’t be disappointed.

  2. GMF, I like KP&NR and her heartfelt singing of “Four Days Late” still gives me goosebumps. But, I always felt that the others in the group were more just backup singers.

    I hope that Jeff will be given the spotlight from time to time. I guess that is one reason that I was not overly excited about Devin’s moving to EH&SS. I had never really “heard” him.

  3. Jeff is a great addition to KPNR. We have heard him in concert with him and you’re gonna like him. He also plays the piano and this will add to the group. Karen & Susan got around the piano the other evening with him playing and it was great. You’re gonna hear a lot out of this young man in the future. He left a job teaching english at a high school. Wondering if he’ll be correcting the Georgia girls???????????????????