Liberty Quartet to appear on NQC Mainstage

Due to this site’s weekly CD reviews, I am constantly listening to new artists. Occasionally I will come across one strong enough that I think, “This group belongs on the mainstage at the National Quartet Convention.” I can remember thinking that about the Collingsworth Family, the Diplomats, and several others . . . including, more recently, Liberty Quartet. While it has frequently been a year or two after I first thought that the group belonged on mainstage, the board of directors has been remarkably consistent in eventually adding those groups to the lineup.

Liberty Quartet just announced via their newsletter that they will be on the main stage on Tuesday and Wednesday evening, September 14 & 15, this year.

Congratulations to a well-deserving group that has paid their dues and earned this honor.

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  1. This is great news, Daniel. I will be looking forward to hearing them sing on the main stage. The NQC needs to add other deserving groups to appear on the main stage.

  2. yes, they are really good.

  3. I am both happy and sad about this news. I am very happy and excited that Liberty is going to be on the mainstage because they are very good. I am sad because I am planning on being at NQC Thur-Sat this year, so I will not be able to see them.

  4. Yes, Daniel…it’s about time that the Liberty Quartet gets its’ place in the sun at gospel music’s premier annual event(still)…they’ve long ago earned it.

  5. This is fantastic. Liberty is fantastic. We have seen them many times when they come to our area. We were on the Riviera Cruise with them last year and plan on being on the one in 2012. Super group of guys that can truly bring the message through a song. They are a fun group to be around. We love them.


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