Mark Trammell Quartet still with Daywind

A number of people interpreted this post on the Singing News Forums to indicate that the Mark Trammell Quartet would be releasing their next project with Crossroads (instead of Daywind, their long-time label since their launch). [EDIT, 11/7/10: Regrettably, the link is broken, so it has been removed.]

The rumor has a grain of truth—they were at Crossroads Studios yesterday adding Pat Barker’s bass part to their Vintage Gospel project, which will be reissued as a Mark Trammell Quartet project in the near future. However, Mark Trammell’s wife LaResa confirms that the group is indeed still signed with Daywind for their projects of new songs.

This is just a situation like Greater Vision’s, about two years ago, when they needed a table project to introduce Jacob Kitson on a quick turnaround time; they used Crossroads’ studios to record Memories Made New, then returned to Daywind for their next project.

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  1. Let me make a small correction. We recorded my vocals at Red Hill Digital. That mix was then taken to Crossroads for the final touches.

    • Can’t wait to hear it. Especially will be glad to hear that bass part on “Leave Your Sorrows and Come Along”. It worked as a trio song, but it will always be best with a quartet. “Why…should…children of God be sad…” 🙂

    • OK, thanks, Pat!

  2. Pat, it is going to be awesome! You were such a blessing to meet at the NQC this past year. The MTQ is going to be among the top in Southern Gospel! God bless you!

  3. Daniel, yes you are correct. Mark is here at Crossroads studios mixing their Vintage project with Pat on it. I just had a good laugh with Mark on this getting twisted all out of whack. We are tickled to have Mark come here anytime he needs to use our studios. He is one of the kindest people in the industry, and I know Daywind is honored to have him in their great company.

    • Thanks for the clarification!

  4. All looks good to me-carry on my friend…I am able to see the letters more
    clearly…Joe Sahadi