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  1. AMAZING blend! I’m so excited to hear this! I absolutely cannot wait to hear more from them. This met and exceeded my expectations! Thanks to Pat for making this video for us!

    • Mark Trammell quartet was at our Church in Bascom, Florida. They were wonderful. My family enjoyed the Lords music. We now have their CD.


  2. Nice! I wonder if “How Big Is God” and “Sweet Sweet Spirit” will go on a new recording, or if they’re songs that will be added to the “quartet” version of Vintage Gospel.

    I figured they would not waste any time recording “How Big Is God”. Pat has made it his signature song.

    • I’m guessing they’ll be added to the quartet version.

  3. Thanks for sharing this video. Loved it!

  4. Very Nice!

  5. Swwet Sweet Spirit sounds like the arragement Terry Blackwood did for the Imperials in about 1968-1969. I love Pat Barker, one of my all time favorite people in this industry.

  6. Not sure why my comments earlier never went through, but “nice sounding quartet.”

    • I just went and checked the spam queue, and there it was. Evidently Akismet Spam Blocker wants more than just “Very nice”!