LeFevre Quartet returns

Last year, the LeFevre Quartet announced that at the request of LeFevre family members, they were dropping the name LeFevre. For several months, they went under the name Priority.

They have since received the blessing of family members to use the name, and so, according to this press release, they are once again the LeFevre Quartet.

This is a good thing for them and for the family; a LeFevre has been on the Southern Gospel circuit pretty much ever since the genre started, and Mike’s group is certainly the best known and perhaps the only group carrying that legacy forward right now.

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  1. I think this is very smart move!

  2. One can only hope that all the distraction of a name change every six months is behind them, and with a new tenor and stable name, hopefully the LeFevre Quartet can focus solely on delivering the great music we know they’re known for. I didn’t like the name Priority at all and felt like it was a dis-service when they had to change their name in the first place. So I am glad they got the name back and I’m expecting great things!

  3. Glad they were able to go back to the LeFevre name. I couldn’t understand they changing other than keeping peace in the family. Mike was a LeFevre and went by Mike LeFevre Quartet. Gonna get to see and hear them tonight. Looking forward to hearing their new tenor. What I like about the group is they have a live band.