Dove Brothers’ “I Can Pray” stays #1 for second straight month

Singing News just posted their August 2007 airplay chart today, and I noticed that the Dove Brothers are #1 for the second straight month with “I Can Pray.”
The Perrys’ “He Forgot” moves from #6 to #3, probably the most significant move in the top 10. I would admit to being surprised if it makes #1, because I felt that a couple other songs on Come Thirsty, especially “Walk Away Free,” would make stronger singles. There’s no telling what will happen with these charts!

One song that definitely deserves to hit #1 is Karen Peck & New River’s “Last Night,” which jumped from #16 to #5.

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  1. Wow, that’s a shock considering today’s charts. The last time I remember [correct me if I’m wrong] something being #1 on the Singing News chart for over 1 month was a few years ago when The Crabbs had “The Cross” on radio. I think they also had “Please Come Down To Me” at #1 for two months, but that was about 5 years ago. (Has it REALLY been that long? Time flies.)

  2. Actually, the Crabbs had another two-monther in 2005, with “The Shepherd’s Call” (October-November). The Martins also had a two-monther in 2004, “The Promise” in February and March. The Crabbs’ “The Cross” was in 2003.

  3. Winning on the charts is to southern gospel what winning a game is in sports.
    Winning is everything.
    Its how you play the game what counts if you do not make it to your goal.

  4. Except in SG, it sort of reminds you of high school “state championships,” where there’s actually eight “number one” teams at the end of the year rather than a single state champ. Everybody and their brother has a chart in this genre, and often, the “number one” songs are totally different.

  5. That being said, I do consider “I Can Pray” to be a true number one. It has been recognized on more than one chart. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it made Singing News chart history for recent years by staying at the top for a third month.

  6. The last two month stay at the top of the charts was the McKameys, “I Am Home” (December 2005-January 2006).

    Crabb Family, “The Shepherd’s Call” was the two months prior to that (October-November 2005)

    Then you have to go all the way back to 2004 for the Talley Trio, “Jesus Saves” (April-May 2004)

    The Martins had “The Promise” in the two months before that. (February-March 2004)

  7. It’s been seven years since a song was number one for three months. That song was “Searchin'” by the Talley Trio, in 2000.

    “My Name Is Lazarus” by Greater Vision had three months in 1999.

    The record is fifteen months. IIRC, the next closest is eight months, and I believe there are three songs that tied for second place.

  8. The 15 month song- Learning To Lean, right?
    One of the 3 at 8-months is Step Into The Water. I’ll have to get away from this computer to research my ‘archives’ for the other songs.

  9. Ok, I stand corrected: Step Into The Water was 9-months.
    The 8-month #1 songs were He’s Still Working On Me, When I Wake Up To Sleep No More, and ……dang! I can’t find where that was written down here. Someone else post this info.
    While we’re talking about this stuff, Laverne Tripp’s song I Know was #1 for 10 months. Midnight Cry and I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy (Singing Americans),and Jesus Is Comming Soon (Oak Ridge Boys) were all there for 6 months, When He Was On The Cross was 5 months,months,

  10. As far as I know – in this industry – most industry leaders and artists only consider one chart when they consider a song’s success – and that is the Singing News Top 80.

    I know that SoGospelNews does not consider or want their chart considered the real or comprehensive airplay chart – because it isn’t. It’s a chart the calculates both radio airplay AND fan voting. It’s unique – and that’s all SGN wants it to be viewed as.

    I know USGN used to be halfway considered a viable chart – but I’m not sure just yet how Gospel Music News’ chart is being viewed.

    However, I will say when you see a song dominate as many charts as this song does – there’s not denying the validity of its “hit” status. If a song goes #1 on most of those charts and doesn’t reach the Top 20 or so of the Singing News – then you know the system isn’t working properly (and that has happened several times) and vice versa.