Christian Davis joins Dailey & Vincent

Yesterday, bluegrass group Dailey & Vincent announced that Christian Davis would be joining their group as second guitarist and bass vocalist. [EDIT, 2/21/13. Broken link removed.

It’s quite a change for Davis. Not only is it a different genre (though their fairly high ratio of Southern Gospel cover songs helps ease the transition)—it will also be his first time, at least since hitting the Southern Gospel circuit, to be playing an instrument on stage. Despite knowing him for several years and even doing a feature interview with him a little over a year ago, I still had no idea that he played guitar (though, as that interview indicated, he does play trumpet.)

Even more so than for Davis, it will be quite the change for Dailey & Vincent in particular, and bluegrass music in general. From my limited exposure to the genre, it seems they are not accustomed to bass singing as low and as resonant as Davis’s. So his voice, while excellent in our genre, will really stand out in theirs.

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  1. Also relevant to this move, I think, is that Dailey & Vincent are releasing a CD of Statler Brothers covers exclusively at Cracker Barrell on Feb. 1st. They’ve sung lots of Statler stuff since their inception two years ago, but now I’m sure they’ll be doing it even more. Their banjo player has sung bass in the past, but doesn’t have a voice comparable to the Statlers’ Harold Reid. Davis can pull that off.

    I think the most interesting aspect of this move is that the addition of Davis is purely for vocals. He’ll play guitar because you can’t not play an instrument in bluegrass, but Jamie Dailey is already the group’s guitarist. You’re right…”bass singers” in bluegrass, with a few exceptions, are usually just good musicians that don’t sing as high as the other members.

    It’s good to see the interaction between bluegrass and southern gospel. Bluegrass was my “first love” musically…in fact, I had Dailey & Vincent’s 2008 debut CD before I ever had my first SG CD (Symphony of Praise).

  2. Love Christian’s voice….

  3. Seriously though guys…. have you listened to his solo album? His voice is VERY smooth. Wonderful bass sound.

    I would say he’s a Tim Riley fan too…. he emailed me one time about one of my Bass singer clips on Youtube, wanting to know about a song that Tim was singing.

    Regardless… Christian’s bass voice is very nice and smooth. A wonderful addition to any group IMO.

  4. We just heard Christian Davis in concert a few months ago and he has a wonderful voice. I wish him the best with Dailey and Vincent. Sometimes it is hard to go solo. There is nothing wrong with Bluegrass and I love that music as well as Southern Gospel.

  5. While Christian will be full-time with Dailey & Vincent, he has the blessing of Jamie and Darrin to work solo dates when they are not scheduled for a concert. In other words, the best of both worlds.

  6. I just saw Dailey and Vincent in Shepherdsville last night and the packed house went nuts for Christian. I was extremely impressed. I thought Richard Sterban could sing low but wow! I had the chance to meet him and he is a very nice and humble young man. He is a wonderful addition to DV. I just started relistening to Bg about 4 years ago and it has brought me to the SG table and I’m so glad it did. Jamie and Darrin are serious Christians and do at least 30-40% Sg and I’m sure they will do more now that Christian is with them. If you get a chance, go see DV. Tom

  7. I had the plasure of seeing Dailey & Vincent June 4, 2010 at Strawberry Park, Preston, CT. I have to honestly say that the addition of Christial Davis is a big plus for the group. His bass voice is outstanding, one of the best quartet basses that I have heard. I was mesmerized by the sound of the group’s gospel singing, made ever more effective by Davis.


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