Monument Quartet update

In a post earlier this morning, I mentioned that there was a rumor that the Monument Quartet was disbanding. When I contacted the Monument Quartet’s office, my email was answered by Marshall Pugh, who informed me that the Monument Quartet was not disbanding.

Sharp reader Jennifer noticed that Singing News’s SG Wire posted a press release this afternoon announcing that while the Monument Quartet may not have disbanded, three of its members (lead Gary Casto, baritone Josh Singletary, and bass Dennis Dugger) have left to form the Tribute Quartet. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

The Beckie Simmons Agency, which had booked the Monument Quartet, has signed the Tribute Quartet to a booking and recording agreement. So although the Monument Quartet is still featured on BSA’s website (as of 3:00 this afternoon), it appears as though Gary, Josh, and Dennis got to keep the booking deal, and Marshall got to keep the name and possibly the recording deal.

I wish both Marshall and the members of the Tribute Quartet the best of success as they attempt to rebuild their groups.

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