Sony’s Thoughts: Fervent Intercession

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16b)

I’ve been wondering lately if the reason we don’t see God change more situations and circumstances is due to our lack of fervent prayer. Sure, we’ll pray for our own needs and desires but are we just as quick to fervently intercede for those around us? I’d guess that the majority of us aren’t.

When we’re going through a trial, we feel like our world is falling apart and we cry out to God accordingly. But how many times have you called a friend only to discover that they were busy or had their own problems they were going through and, therefore, couldn’t really be there for you? It’s an easy habit to get into but I feel like God needs more intercessors, those who will truly bear their Brothers’ and Sisters’ burdens before the throne of God. If those who weren’t going through the trial would pray as though they were, would we see a lot more miracles?

I’ve heard a lot of sermons in which there is a lot of emphasis on having faith but what about the fact that we are told to “let your requests be made known unto God”? (Philippians 4:6b) No matter how much we believe He can perform whatever task we’re needing, it avails nothing if we don’t ask Him to.

If someone shares a need with you and asks you to pray, don’t just pray that God will be with that person. He’s already promised to do that. Pray specifically for that person’s need and don’t just do it as a token so you can say you prayed. Continue to pray until the answer comes. Let the person know from time to time that you are praying for him or her. This helps tremendously in building the faith in the one who is going through the hard time.

At times you may need to ask God what His will is in a situation so that you know how to pray but, when you get His mind, pray in faith, “nothing wavering” and you will begin to see miracles like never before.

There are so many needy, hurting people in the world. We may not be able to help all of them but we can help those around us and it begins when we care enough to invest our time by going to the Father on their behalf. When we’ve done that, we can more effectively be His hands and feet and let them know we are with them in this all the way.

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  1. I’m very interested to see how many comments this very thoughtful post will get, as compared to the vehement comments about the personnel change of this or that Southern Gospel group. I hope that people will read the post on fervent intercession and spend a little time considering it. It really concerns me that people are so obsessed with this or that group and its personnel that those singers become the object of worship, instead of worshiping God! I don’t believe it’s on purpose, but it’s obvious when I read that people will not support Signature Sound or the Gaither Vocal Band because their favorite member is no longer in the group. That notion is so ridiculous, it boggles the mind. I just wish we could all appreciate the music for its message and always remember the TRUTH behind the message and worry less about the messengers.

    • Amen BJ, The important thing is the message, not the messenger. Thank You for that excellent thought !

    • Well said, Brian. I couldn’t agree more.

  2. I saw myself in the example of praying for someone…not specifically what they need. Thanks for the reminder of how I should pray!

    • Nancy, I don’t remember if you’ve commented on my posts before but thank you for the comment. I hope you’re feeling blessed today.

  3. Sony, every week it seems as though you are in my head! Ha ha! Here lately you speak right to me about something I’m thinking about, praying about, or struggling with. It’s amazing how God is using you. Thank you for being open to Him!

    Intercessory Prayer is something that was a big part of my life when I was in college. I attended the NACCM (National Associan for Christian Campus Ministries) Leadership Conference in Evansville the summer after my freshman year and took a seminar on Intercessory Prayer from a sweet man named Joe Belzer. He’s a campus minister in Missouri.

    I had gotten to where intercessory prayer was an everyday occurrence in my life and I loved it. I was feeling so blessed because I felt like I was making a difference for praying specifically and frequently for requests of people in my life and beyond. So often we say, “I wish I could do something for them” when we known someone is going through something or when we see something devastating happen such as the earthquake in Haiti.

    Like all things, life gets in the way, and we sometimes stop doing things that we love and know is worthy of putting time into. In my case, I have allowed myself to get too busy for intercessory prayer. Sure, I prayer for people, but nothing remotely close to interceeding for them.

    I’ve been feeling very convicted about this for quite awhile now and have been working hard to get back into it. The Greater Vision song, “It Prays To Pray,” and Rodney’s testimony about his father-in-law really started it for me. Since first hearing that song, I’ve been feeling very led to be more disciplined about intercessory prayer.

    Thanks for another great post, Sony! You always speak to my heart!

    • Thank you for sharing that, Meagan. The post was written around 1:00 a.m. which is not my most clear mental time but I felt like it’s what God laid on my heart to write and He brought it together. I’m with you where I go through periods of doing better at intercession and then get busy or bogged down with my own needs to effectively intercede for others but I praise God for continuing to remind me of the need for people to do just that.

  4. Sony-

    You’re starting to go beyond my comfort zone. It’s good for me, but it hurts. Your line, “don’t just do it (pray in intercession) as a token so you can say you prayed.”, cut deep to my very heart. It reminded me that the needs and groanings of my fellow believers, and even nonbelievers, require more than just a casual mention before the very throne of God.

    There is an exceptional seven-minute video on YouTube by David Wilkerson entitled, “A Call to Anguish – David Wilkerson” that is supportive of your perspective and time well spent.

    Keep up the emphasis on deeper commitment and relationship with One who is more than Savior. That’s enough, but there’s so much more.