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The National Quartet Convention just posted their 2010 schedule (hat tip, Nate).


  • The Ball Brothers received a well-earned mainstage slot on Thursday.
  • As mentioned last week, Liberty Quartet also received their first full mainstage slot, on Tuesday.
  • After hitting a home run last year, the Original Couriers (Dave, Duane, and Neil) were invited back this year.
  • I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought the Blackwood Brothers were well received last year; they’re back, this time on the opposite end of the week, Saturday.
  • Dailey & Vincent—Christian Davis’s new gig—is going to be on the mainstage on Thursday.
  • Jason Crabb will have a solo set on Thursday.
  • Signature Sound and the Gaither Vocal Band will have separate sets (Thursday and Friday). They will sing together in a showcase on Wednesday, but this will give them a chance to define their own individual set trajectories a little better.

There are a couple of interesting things in the credits, too: The Mark Trammell Quartet is still listed as Mark Trammell Trio, The Mike LeFevre Quartet is listed as Priority, and the Talley Trio is still listed as the Talleys. (This just shows that the list has been in the works for several weeks!) EDIT (7:36 AM): They’re on top of (some) things. The Mark Trammell Quartet is now listed properly . . . and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the other two also fixed by the time I’m home from work.

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  1. I’m ok with most of it. Think the Kings Heralds and Southern Sound deserve more. I think the soloists don’t belong on this stage even though they are great people. The lineups are strong enough that the awards leaving won’t affect attendance.

  2. Hidee Everyone,
    I am thrilled that Gerald Williams and The Melody Boys Quartet are back on the Main Stage schedule. They are on the Friday evening schedule. Thank you NQC Board!

    • I never understood why a classic quartet led by at SGMA Hall of Famer was not on the main stage. They belong there and I’m looking forward to it.

  3. I am very disappointed that The Brown Family aren’t going to be on main stage. They are very deserving of this and have great talent.
    Glad to see that Southern Sound and Kings Herald will be on main stage. While I am disappointed that the Award’s won’t be at the NQC anymore I will say that the lineup for Saturday night is very good.

    • Every year, I can think of a few that ought to be on but aren’t, and they’re one of them. If they keep going as strong as they’ve been, I’m sure we’ll see them someday soon!

  4. I’d like to see DayBreak back on the mainstage. They performed there in ’98.

  5. I find it a bit odd that the Anchormen are receiving a “main-stage” time slot but not Driven.

  6. As it looks now, I’ll probably only go for Friday and Saturday. Sure do wish they’d decide what showcase(s) will be in Freedom Hall on Saturday.

  7. I’m ok with most of it, too, but I have noticed some things that strike me as odd. Nothing against any group at all–let me say that right off the bat. My comments have nothing to do with quality or talent or anything. As far as I know, there’s not a group that isn’t professionally or spiritually deserving of the platform. So, let there be no misunderstanding there.

    That said, I’m not sure why Liberty would get two nights. They went from no nights to two. That just seems odd to me. Calvary’s Voice? Hunters? Rick Webb Family? Southern Sound? I don’t normally see these groups’ names on the Top 40 charts or at major concert promotions, so I’m not sure why the NQC board has placed them on the main night stage. Again, nothing directed toward the groups, but more toward the board as to how they decide who to put on and who not to put on. I’m sure some of it has to do with favorites and “who you know,” and that’s ok. It’s the board’s concert and their choices to make, but still it makes me scratch my head.

    The Whisnants and Karen Peck and New River are arguably two of the most successful radio artists and are consistently on major promoted events, and yet they each only got two nights, if I’m seeing it right. Why? The Bowling Family has one night, yet they’ve had 3-4 number ones in a short span of time.

    And then, at least six groups are on both Friday and Saturday, but others like, for example, Greenes, Tribute, and Collingsworths, who each sing twice, have both performances on days prior to Friday and Saturday, leaving the fan who may only get to go on Friday or Saturday a more limited selection of artists because so many of them are singing both Friday and Saturday.

    Just some random thoughts, and for that I hope that someone from NQC is reading this and could maybe move a performance by Collingsworths or Tribute to the weekend, so more people can see them and those who can only go on the last two nights could have more of a variety, or at least enlighten the rest of us as to at least part of the process by which the line-ups are made.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if NQC would love to have the Collingsworths on the weekend, but they typically have prior Homecoming commitments.

  8. I agree with most of the comments here…however there is no way I’d like to have the boards job of deciding who goes where. between label pressure and promotional pressure (or interest). I’d be locked up tighter than the Health Care debate.
    would love to go myself but here in Ak depend on streaming, and reviews or shows on the Gospel Network or INSP.

  9. I agree, Dave. I would not want that job either.

    But I thought one of the big issues of NQC is what to do to keep as many groups at the NQC as possible for all week. It would seem that, in essence, the board has limited the number of groups that are required to be there on Friday and Saturday for performances, and thus it seems like they’re creating more of an opportunity for the other artists who aren’t performing to go ahead and leave. If my group isn’t performing on the weekend, what is to keep me from booking a date and making some money instead of it costing my group more to stay? I guess that’s part of what seems inconsistent to me. The outcry is for groups to keep the exhibit hall filled all week, yet the board could have put six different groups in the Saturday slots filled by duplicates from the night before. Would six groups make a difference? We’ll never know, but I’d like to think they could.

    But you’re right. I wouldn’t want the job of trying to please everyone. And I know that the board can’t please everyone, and I do appreciate their efforts and the risk they take in organizing and operating an event of this size.

  10. I don’t know how NQC goes about the process of selecting groups or deciding their night and time allotment. It is their concert series and is totally up to them. As to chart success, or the lack thereof, if you knew how the chart is determined you would understand why no professioanl group puts a lot of stock in the charts. Radio play and chart success are two very different entities, and they have very little to do with each other, and nothing to do with total sales. I am glad to see the Melody Boys Quartet back on. Gerald Williams deserves the recognition. I am thankful as well that the board chose Southern Sound Quartet, this will be our 4th year, and we wish to thank the board for their faith in us.

  11. The Collingsworth Family have an obvious following, (I feel primarily based around Kim), and if they keep traveling (if the kids don’t grow up, marry, and come off the road – which happens so often) then you’ll hear even more out of them.

    No matter what you read about record label, booking agent, etc. I don’t think Tribute is really a drawing card. They may sound fine, but to merit 2 nights is actually more than I can imagine.

    Agree totally on Karen Peck.

    It’s easy to say to mix up talent on Saturday to keep some people in their booths, but really, if 6 lesser names were added, that is only 6 booths to stay. The Saturday lineup is full of the extreme heavy hitters who bring the people. I don’t know why some of the lesser knows are on there, but have no objection. But when you consider the big picture, more people come to a concert to hear Booth Brothers, Gaither, Greater Vision, Hoppers, Legacy Five, etc.

  12. Ben, I am almost embarrassed at your comment that no professional group puts a lot of stock in the charts. I know how the charts are determined, and like it or not, until a better system is put into play, this is what we have. If no groups think the chart is important, there sure is a lot of time, money and effort going to waste on trying to get songs on the air and upward to #1.

    I have no idea how the board allots their night spots, but if I were involved, I’d look at an overall picture of who is doing what. And who is charting and who are the big promoters using both seem to be fairly accurate gauges of who is the most popular or most requested artists.

  13. #11 – I agree about Kim Collingsworth. She is not human behind that piano!! LOL!

    My comments about Tribute were not made based on a couple recent press releases. They had two nights last year and since then, they have moved up to a major label and the new booking agency, sure. But they also are youthful, energetic, consistently on major promotions, and have their first top 40 chart hit. With so much emphasis on change and the future, I think this group epithomizes just that. They have momentum, their star is rising, in other words. They may not be there yet, but I can see their slots being justified.

    My comments about the weekend night lineups are more about variety and less about who the heavy hitters are. For me, to maximize the number of different groups I hear, I will need to go some night besides Friday or Saturday. In fact, I will probably go home on Saturday since there are so many repeats from the day before. But that is just my opinion, that may not be the thoughts of the majority.

  14. And I do still stand by my statement that I wouldn’t want to be the line-up maker for NQC. There are always some eyebrow-raising moments when I read the schedule, but I do think the board does a good job overall.

  15. I personally think that The Whisnants and Karen Peck and New River should be on three nights. If you look at the charts all year you will notice that they always have a song or two that is a hit.
    I also think that it would be wonderful to see them perform together on the Sunday night concert.

  16. I’m so excited that the Ball Brothers get to be on mainstage this year! Well-earned is right. 🙂