Saturday News Roundup #49

In the news:

  • A snow storm that hit much of the country (but left Ohio alone) has caused the cancellations of numerous concerts. There are a few too many to list here, but has a very helpful thread with a list of cancellations. (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)
  • Via Swain’s Musings, according to a Facebook post by Gaither Vocal Band tenor Wes Hampton, the Gaither Vocal Band has completed vocals on nine songs from a 14-song release slated for this summer. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]
  • After six years out of the limelight, other than occasional Cathedrals Remembered appearances, Danny Funderburk has released a new solo CD. [EDIT, 3/18/2013: Broken link removed]
  • The new Gold City lineup will be recording a live video at Fort Mill, South Carolina in a week and a half, on February 11.

Upcoming CD Reviews:

  • February 1: Decennial (Dove Brothers)
  • February 8: No Trace of Rain (Paid in Full)
  • February 15: Songs You Know By Heart (Talley Trio)
  • February 22: Jubilee (Legacy Five, Booth Brothers, Greater Vision)
  • March 1: Heritage Hymn Collection Vol. 1 (Browns)
  • March 8: It Just Started For Me (Cross 4 Crowns)
  • March 15: Songs From the Old Path Vol. 3 (Old Paths)
  • March 22: Simply Put (Soul’d Out Quartet)
  • March 29: Having Fun (Gold City)
  • April 5: Breakthrough (Ball Brothers)
  • April 12: Hymns of the Homeland (Songfellows)
  • April 19: Unclouded Day (Blake Bolerjack)
  • April 26: Mercy Met Me (Calvary’s Way)
  • May 3: DVD Review: The Best of the Jubilee Years (Dixie Echoes)
  • May 10: Praise (Childress Family)
  • May 17: For This Time (Tribute Quartet)
  • May 24: Faithful (Rick Webb Family)
  • May 31: Another Blessing (Three Bridges)
  • June 7: Heaven’s Worth Waiting For (Watkins Family)
  • June 14: God Is (Cavaliers Quartet)
  • June 21 For Such a Time As this (Couriers)
  • July 26: Something For Everyone (Voices Won)
  • July 5: It’s All Good (Gold Harbor)
  • July 12: Rescued (Harris Family)
  • July 21: It’s Time (Dale & Cheryl Golden)

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  1. Reading Wes’ post yesterday, the way I understand it is that WES just finished recording vocals for 9 songs the other day (everybody else was in Indiana a few weeks ago, but Wes was busy having a baby! Or rather, his wife was…); there are 14 songs total on the new album, which is now finished (as far as the vocals go). Release sometime in early summer.

  2. I am not certain either, but I understood it to read that it was completely finished. I just checked his Facebook page and the two posts he made regarding the new GVB CD were:

    1. “Back home. Voice is trashed. Got 9 songs done today. New cd should have about 14 songs. Finished!”

    2. “For those that have asked, the new GVB CD does not have a title yet. We’re taking pictures for it next week. Should release this summer!”

  3. I really hope Gold City’s new live recording will have some new material on it. This version of GC is good enough to leave the old standards out and plow their own ground with new material. I like what I’ve heard from them thus far, but singing “I’m Not Giving Up” and others will wear thin before long. Daniel, you’ve taken the first big step in hiring Josh…the next one is to let Josh be Josh and this group to be it’s own group. If that happens, watch out folks!

    • Hey Mark – Reliable sources have told me that they will be releasing new material soon.

      However, my suspicion for this video is that it will include classics, since I don’t believe they have gone into the studio yet for their first recording as a group.

      They’re going to let Josh be Josh and Roy be Roy soon. But it seems like their first order of business is to convince their fans that the new lineup can tote the mail on the old classics. And once they’ve established that, they’ll be more than happy to pave new ground.