Live-blogging Liberty Quartet

If you’re wondering why Liberty got two mainstage spots at NQC, see for yourself. Their concert tonight at tonight at El Cajon Wesleyan Church in El Cajon, California, will be streamed live tonight at 6:30 PM PST / 9:30 PM EST. Click here to watch.

EDIT (10:05): It’s going now. I managed to miss the first 20-25 minutes by calculating time zones wrong!

Set list (from 10:00 on):

  • I Made it Mine (from some point before I tuned in)
  • Battle Hymn of the Republic (with acapella encore).
  • Dan Gilbert (lead singer) shares comedy and a testimony. 118 watching online—that stats counter is awesome!
  • He Will Come Through (featuring Dan). 122 online.
  • Long Black Train (featuring Royce). I’ll be back in a few minutes. 119 online.
  • How Great Thou Art. 124 online. In the audience cutway to the lady in the white jacket—was that sign language or signing in tongues?
  • Holy, Holy, Holy (a capella). This is going to be good. 125 online . . . and the stream starts cutting out. Guess that was its limit. (Now it’s back.)
  • Comedy from bass singer Royce Mitchell.
  • Good Time in the Lord. 124 online. This is the first wide audience pan I’ve seen, and there have to be at least 500 there in person, maybe even 700-800.
  • Offering. Attendance down to 121.
  • The Journey. I was hoping this would be included—I’ve wanted to see it live for some time now.
  • Tenor Keith Waggoner delivers the product pitch. He mentions the Blackwood Brothers, the Statesmen, the Stamps, and the Cathedrals—interestingly, a round of applause when he gets to the Cathedrals.
  • Happy Rhythm (featuring Royce). Fellow blogger Nate Stainbrook comments on Facebook at about this point: “The more I watch these guys the more I scratch my head over WHY a major label does not pick them up! They deserve it more than any other group!”
  • Baritone Jordan Cragun has a decent Rodney Griffin mule-looking-at-a-new gate look.
  • Bus Driver (parody of Cab Driver).
  • Keith does get to talk during something other than the product pitch! He shares about a song called “I’m His.” 119 viewers—people on the East Coast are getting sleepy. (So am I, but can’t skip out on this concert early!)
  • I’m His (featuring Keith). I guess this isn’t a standing-ovation audience.
  • Jordan leads the audience in the sinner’s prayer.
  • Light at the End of Darkness (featuring Jordan). I’ve never heard him sound better—a rich, full sound, especially for his age. Incredible performance.
  • Glory to God in the Highest encore. They must have done it in the first half-hour.

Great concert from a great group.

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  1. Great concert! I stand by my comment about a major label needing to pick them up! The only thing I can think of is that they are so far away from the “label” market… I am hoping this is the year they finally get the recognition they deserve! To me they have what it takes to be “Speical” I would love to see Lari Goss work with them… Providing they can stick with some of their unique arrangements that makes Liberty well unique! 🙂

    • Of course, anything Lari touches turns to gold, but I’m wondering if Wayne Haun’s touch might not work just as well for them.

      On second thought, have you heard The Journey? They’re getting pretty close to hitting full potential as it is, with the self-producing team plus Phil Cross.

  2. Daniel,
    Thank you so much for posting this link. I was able to watch the entire concert. I had heard Liberty sing 2 songs at an NQC showcase last year and was very impressed. I also have 5 of their CDs, but this was my first chance to catch a complete concert. This just confirmed my feeling that they are a top 10 quartet. Great stuff!

  3. I agree about Wayne I meant to put his name in there as well! I have heard The Journey. But I don’t own it YET… I will as soon as funds come available! I agree they may be close to hitting full potential… Or they are just scratching the surface! 🙂 And Wayne Haun or Lari Goss or even Steve Mauldin could push them over the top!

    • Well, why I say they’re coming closer on their own is that their arrangements are already more intricate and complex than many of the headliner groups, say Legacy Five, Greater Vision, or Triumphant.

      At one point, every member of the group except for Dan Gilbert had formal, college-level training/degrees in music (just not sure about the new baritone, Jordan), and Dan had formal instrument & vocal training through high school.

      • I am pretty sure Jordan had formal music training at Hobe Sound Bible College in Florida. Which is a college very similar to the one Keith Waggoner attended and worked at! (God’s Bible School) Both schools have excellent music departments and I am almost positive Jordan majored in Music… I know he traveled with one of their Quartets… And you are right about the Liberty arrangements! 🙂

      • …especially on Timeless Treasured Hymns. Have you heard those two? “Battle Hymn of the Republic” is a good example.

      • No I haven’t I have heard some of the cuts but not the whole albums… I really need to get my hands on the entire Liberty collection! I love Amazed I have wore that one out!

  4. I missed it. 🙁