Gene McDonald to appear at Florida Boys’ farewell?

Yesterday’s SGN Scoops e-update included a tribute to the Florida Boys by LaShay Bankston that had the following tidbit of information:

Josh Garner and Butch Owens make up the rest of the group at tenor and bass, respectfully. Before moving over to the tenor spot left vacant by Harold Reed, Josh sang lead for the group, and at 28 years old, he is one of the best voices in Southern Gospel Music. Butch Owens joined the group when Gene McDonald left to pursue other career opportunities. Both will rejoin the group at NQC for one final stand.

It’s rather odd that my first and last times to see the Florida Boys will be on the same weekend–but at least Gene McDonald will be there! [EDIT: Hopefully-see comments]

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  1. It appears we may need some clarification from the author. I took “both” to mean the aforementioned Garner and Owens would rejoin the elder statesmen. Although I wouldn’t count McDonald out, I don’t think it was the author’s intent to confirm it with this note. Notice how Bankston also mistakenly used the word “respectfully” when she really meant “respectively,” an easy error to make.

  2. You have a good point. I will edit the post to reflect it.

  3. Deciphering what a writer really meant to say can sometimes be confusing.

    It seems pretty clear to me in this case, though, that the word “both” in the last quoted sentence refers to Gene and Harold.

    Why? Well, Owens and Garner wouldn’t “rejoin” the group, since they’ve never left the group.

  4. whether Gene or Harold returns Owens and Garner are enough!!!!!!

  5. actually, I wrote that in a hurry and I didn’t even realize the mistakes. and what I really meant was that Josh and Butch would rejoin the group at NQC….meaning that they’d meet the rest of the guys there to make their final stand. sorry for the confusion.

  6. Thanks for the clarification!

  7. i’am sorry to see them go.