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  1. congrats jason, u rock, my family and i saw u last week at pathway. may god continue to bless u and ur family.

  2. Congrats to Jason! I’m sure there’s even more exciting things to come from him in the future.

  3. Congratulations to him on receiving this great honor! He was certainly nominated with good company including Triumphant and Signature Sound. Any one of them would have been wonderful picks!

  4. My son and I saw him in concert a week ago! He was AMAZING!!! I am soooo happy he won the Grammy!!! Well deserved!!! (BTW, his keyboard play was exceptionally good, too.)

  5. Congrats to Jason! I have always been a big fan of his singing!

  6. With great music and a great ministry, the sky is the limit for Jason and band, I am so happy his album won – it couldn’t have been more worthy. YAY!!!!!

  7. Way To Go Jason!!! What an anoited man of God he is!!!!

    His family the Crabb Revival was at our church the Hyndman Ministry Center when they shared the news of their brothers win!! we all were so excited for him!!! We love and appreciate him. God Bless Jason, keep it up!!!!

  8. I tuned in online to the preshow just in time for his category to be announced. When Tonex called Jason’s name, I was screaming like I had won the GRAMMY! LOL! I’m so happy for him. Sonya from Mississippi

  9. Jason buddy,
    Hope this is only the beginning for your career and ministry.

  10. Congrats to Jason! I really enjoyed his acceptance speech. Especially the last statement.. 🙂

  11. does Jason still sing SG music?