International Interest in Southern Gospel

My host for this website has a way of tracking which country a request for the website to be loaded comes from. (Don’t worry, none of the information is personally identifiable.)

Here’s the hard data. It’s visits since the website started, though I might add that most of the data comes from this year (only three countries on the list–the last three–had visitors in 2006 only).

Japan 454
Canada 233
Brazil 233
Czech Republic 208
Germany 140
Netherlands 105
Australia 93
England 91
Sweden 59
Poland 36
France 34
Romania 32
Russian Federation 32
Italy 31
U.S. Military 27
Argentine Republic 26
Israel 24
South Africa 18
India 17
Belgium 15
Finland 14
Norway 13
Portugal 13
Chile 11
Mexico 10
China 9
Spain 7
Latvia 6
Malaysia 6
Ukraine 6
New Zealand 6
Australia 5
Hungary 5
Switzerland 4
Denmark 4
Thailand 4
Turkey 4
Taiwan 4
Trinidad and Tobago 4
Slovak Republic 4
Greece 3
Lithuania 3
Hong Kong 3
Bugaria 2
Belarus 2
Colombia 2
Korea 2
Morocco 2
Uruguay 2
Singapore 2
Bahamas 1
Dominican Republic 1
Iceland 1
Cayman Islands 1
Kazakstan 1
Moldova 1
Nicaragua 1
Niue 1
Philippines 1
Tuvalu 1
Virgin Islands 1
Vietnam 1
Zambia 1
Republic of Cote d’Ivoire 1
New Caledonia 1
Peru 1

That got me to thinking. If any of my non-US readers are willing to comment, I have a few questions I’d love to have the opportunity to ask:

  • What is Southern Gospel like in your country?
  • How do you keep up to date on Southern Gospel news?
  • How do purchase Southern Gospel music?
  • Have Southern Gospel groups ever come to your area?
  • Is there any local Southern Gospel scene?
  • Does your church sing Southern Gospel music?

I know there is some local/regional Southern Gospel scene in Canada, but I was particularly surprised to see that Japan led the list of foreign visits.

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  1. These statistics are awesome, Daniel. You should be thrilled that your blog is being read across the world!

  2. I wonder how many are spammers.

  3. I’m also shocked to see Japan at the top. But praise God for that !

  4. natesings–

    Sure, some of them might be spam. I’ve had a few spam comments–a whole lot at the start, but much, much fewer of late. And most of these foreign visits have been in the last few months–after I hit my spam peak.

  5. Japan is also the top country at our radio’s site and my SG site. We also get quite a bit from Iceland. It goes to show that great music is appreciated globally.