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  1. WoW! I just remembered how much I miss Guy’s contribution to the Southern Gospel scene. Great videio. Where was this recored?

  2. This was a pleasure to see and hear Guy Penrod and thank you
    D.J.M. for it being posted…We have been a fan of his for many years…I think I read that this was released and recorded at the
    Gaither’s in Indiana…Best wishes to him…Joe Sahadi

  3. Very Nice…wish I had pipes like that!

    • Guy or Tim? Or both?

      (Now that would be a true FREAK who could do both!)

      • I meant Guy…but my true dream would be to sing like Tim.

      • I think just about any guy – and a few girls – would love to be able to rattle the rafters like that! đŸ™‚

  4. I’m pretty sure this is at NQC

  5. I believe this is a Frank Arnold production and my guess would be that this took place probably just a few weeks ago.

  6. I know Guy is singing at a lot of Frank Arnold concerts this year. I have not been able to attend one, but I hope to soon.

  7. This concert was a few weeks ago in Mobile AL. There are quite a few videos of Guy singing at this concert on YouTube.com – search for “Guy Penrod Mobile”. He is brilliant on all the songs. The Spirit of God was right there with Guy. He does a great job of “Knowing What I Know About Heaven” (gets quite emotional just before he starts singing). It’s a thrill and spiritually uplifting to listen to Guy singing!

  8. Thanks Daniel for posting this! He still has it! But it is also a blessing for me to see Lauren Talley and Tim backing him up! Hope to see him in Shipshewana in August!

    • You like the Gaithers!?!?!?!?! I love them too! I like the two middle guys the best. (:

  9. Who is the blonde lady? Not Lauren Talley, the other one.

    • Somebody? Please?

      • Was it Solveig H(?), the Scandanavian lady who sang a hymn on either Rock of Ages or How Great Thou Art?

      • It is Solveig Henderson. She sang Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.

      • Actually, at a closer look, I do not think that is her. I am not certain, but it looks a great deal like Lisa Daggs-Charette, who has appeared on many of the Gaither Homecoming videos.

      • Yes, that’s the name of the lady I was thinking of (whether or not it was right!)

  10. Ok, thank you.

    • I believe it is Vicki Arnold, wife of Frank Arnold who is promoter the tour. According to his website they are listed as appearing artists on the tour.

      • I think it is Vicki Arnold also.

  11. It is so good to hear Guy once again, I really miss him on the Gaithers [EDIT]

  12. I am the one who took this video. It WAS in Mobile,AL for winterfest which is put on by Frank Arnold each year. The blonde lady is Vicky Arnold, Frank’s wife. I have quite a few videos of Guy from that night. It was great to see him again. Glad you all enjoyed my video. I am still learning how to take them on my digital camera.

  13. I think that Guy Penrod was way better with GVB than solo.

    • I think I preferred him with the GVB too…

    • Maybe so,

      But Tim Riley, Jeff Easter, Guy Penrod & Lauren Tally does not a bad quartet make!!

  14. Guy sang at the Crystal Cathedral – how I wish he still sang Gaither music. [EDIT]

    • Wow honey…take a hint!

  15. I only just came across this late in the game. I’ve heard him sing that before and he still carries it. Last night watched an earlier version of GVB on TV (David, Wes, Mark, Michael)made after Guy left. They are great, no doubt about it, but the spiritual light that came from Guy is still missing.

    • He was a presence. He brought something to the group that nobody else can duplicate. That, I think, is what you’re feeling the loss of now that it’s gone. I know what you mean because I feel it too.

  16. I think Guy and Jason Crabb are going to be awesome together in concert!