Hoppers sign with Mansion?

After Canaan (more or less) closed its doors six months or a year ago, its artists have had the choice to either seek a new label home or record independently. Canaan’s flagship artist, the Hoppers, chose the independent route, at least initially. They released a table project, Unforgettable, at the National Quartet Convention.

The other day, I heard an ad on the radio that referred to them as a “Mansion recording artist.” And sure enough, they are now listed on Mansion’s website, along with fellow artists Marty Haggard, Bonnie Dueschle & Celebration Choir, the Doerfels, and the Shireys.

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  1. This doesn’t entirely surprise me. Isn’t Mansion run by Bill Traylor, who used to run the Hopper’s old label, Homeland??

  2. I wonder why Canaan went under so fast for?

  3. I was under the impression that Mansion, at one time, wasn’t exactly a record label, but more of a promtion/distribution. Perhaps they have expanded.

    As far as why Canaan failed, it may have something to do with its parent company, Word, either not giving it enough time to grow or not putting enough money/manpower into it. If it didn’t prove itself in the amount of time Word thought it should have, they may have pulled the plug on it. Just speculation on my part, not facts. I suppose someone could call Canaan and find out, but I’m too busy to do that today.

  4. Fellow Poster’s
    In all respect, please leave the speculation on the cutting room floor. Business’ fail or close their doors for what ever reason. In this case it does not matter as one of gospel music’s greatest groups continue to produce music.
    We all love this music and the message. Why cloud it with suggestions or supposed facts with no base?
    I hope that no one calls Canaan. Just have joy in the fact the Hoppers have a new label and apparently are not missing a beat in the process.

    • With all due respect, Dave, please chill.

      All of us have opinions and are human. I believe it is ok for #2 to wonder why Canaan failed, and I see no problem in wondering out loud as to why. My post didn’t hurt anyone and I did specifically clarify that it was just my own speculation. At least I had the guts to say it was speculation instead of trying to pass it off as law and gospel. Speculation doesn’t have to be a bad idea or word.

      As for calling Canaan, why not? I don’t see why it would hurt if Daniel or any other reputable reporter soc hose to call a public company to ask why they folded a division. Canaan/Word operates to sell the public music and other items and has had no problem accepting the public’s money, so I don’t have a problem with the public wanting to know why the Canaan division is no longer there.

      I know what you’re trying to say about speculation and I appreciate that, but I don’t think my post fits in that category. It would be one thing to try to publicly speculate an individual’s private matters, but this is a company that has had no problem taking the buying public’s money, and my thoughts weren’t attacking anyone. Sorry if you feel differently.

      • LOL on my typo in the second long paragraph. It should read “so chose” and not “soc hose.” I wouldn’t want to be accused of speculating about Danie’s stockings! 🙂

      • Thanks, Brady, I agree.

  5. And of course I meant Daniel! He and I aren’t close enough for me to call him Danie. LOL! I’m really batting a thousand on my typing skills today! 🙂

  6. It was just the economy. The imprint is still around, but I confirmed (and I think I posted) last NQC that they’re only really re-issuing classics at this point.

    I actually thought that my regular readers knew about that, but I guess that there was so much other news that week that it didn’t really catch everyone’s eyes.

  7. I found out that Riversong/Homeland/Heartwarming is back doing Southern Gospel again. I wonder how long they’ve been at that.

  8. I noticed that Spring Hill Music Group have re-released the Hoppers’ (as well as Kim Hopper’s) old soundtracks from previous recordings. What’s with that??? The SH website is under construction so I really couldn’t dig anything up there. I thought SH was pretty much done with southern gospel, someone correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂


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