SGConcerts posts more Gold City videos

SGConcerts’s indefatigable Diana Brantley—the same person who gave us our first look at the new Gold City lineup a couple of weeks ago—is back with more. [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.]

As this lineup continues to gel, they’re coming closer and closer to the levels of the great Gold City lineups of the past. If they stay together, they will probably get there.

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  1. I look to see them get several nominations in the Singing News Fan Awards this year. They may be some competition in the awards. Gold City is looking better and better each time we hear them. Heard them three or four times with new lineup.

    • Well, there is always some lag in the fan awards, as print-magazine-only readers don’t always hear about the lineup changes promptly. If they can swing nominations, though, by fall they might do well. I expect to see some strong showings next year, though, if they can hold this lineup together!

  2. I went to that concert that night…ended up sitting directly behind the lady recording those videos incidentally. What a great night. The Diplomats as always did a great job. And Gold City really surprised me. They’re already sounding great. I think once they can get some arrangements tailored for them, they will be unstoppable. Josh was the star of the night. Great energy, great stage presence, great voice. And did a fantastic job on “Satisfied”. I’m excited for what Gold City will do next.