Couriers to Disband

Several years ago, the founding members of the Couriers handed the name on to a new generation of the group. The leaders of today’s Couriers ( have made a decision to disband the Couriers effective Memorial Day 2010.

Dave Kyllonen, Duane Nicholson, and Neil Enloe perform a limited concert schedule as Dave, Duane, and Neil (; this limited schedule included a showstopping mainstage set at the National Quartet Convention last year and includes an upcoming mainstage slot on NQC 2010’s schedule. It is unclear whether they will take on the Couriers name once again; if they are, they are probably holding off on an announcement as a courtesy to today’s lineup.

As with everything else the group does, this transition was handled with the epitome of class. In a statement issued by Duane Nicholson for Dave, Duane, and Neil and posted on, [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed] they stated:

These fine Christian men, who were asked to take over The Couriers, have carried on the ministry with integrity and grace. We wish them nothing but the best as they pursue other ministries that will be ongoing. Dave Kyllonen, Duane Nicholson and Neil Enloe will continue to sing the gospel as long as the good Lord provides the health and strength and venues to use our talents for the Lord. Our relationship with the disbanding Couriers remains strong and we commend them for a job well done.

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  1. This host of this blog should talk about epitome, whatever that word means, of class.
    Bumping up the review is another example why this blog is one of the most popular blogs in southern gospel music.,
    You would expect nothing else from people like The Original Couriers and the host of this blog, Daniel J. Mount.

    • Thank you! 😳

      I guess you could say I look to the Couriers as role models of how to conduct yourself in this genre. But they have been conducting themselves this way for fifty years now, while I am still just getting started!

      • We have to give the linkstory of The Couriers.
        One of my fondest memories was going to one of their concerts back then in a filling up the large new church in South Attleboro.
        Seeing them in district church camps was a blessing every time.
        Back in those days the South, Springfield and Harrisburg were great distances away.
        They had the same class 50 years ago as the showing us now.
        You can not go wrong with that kind of role model.

    • I could not agree more!

  2. Since Dave, Duane, and Neil and doing three or four dates per month, it begs the question…why not transfer the Couriers name back to them rather than retiring it?

    • Well, they never said they wouldn’t. But I am thinking they will let this group go through retirement before saying anything one way or another, to let this group finish out its run in style.

  3. It is with both sadness and excited anticipation that I view the disbanding of the (new) Couriers. Sad to see their era end as an extension of our mutual ministry, yet excited to see where the Lord will lead them individually from this point. They have carried the name Couriers with dignity and sincerity and have made us old Couriers proud. We love them like our own sons and pray that the Lord will continue to use their individual gifts toward enhancing His great kingdom. They’re not shutting down, but rather aiming their efforts in three new directions. God bless them.

    As for the old guys, Duane said it best; we originals will “continue to sing the gospel as long as the good Lord provides the health and strength and venues to use our talents for the Lord.”


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