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  1. Glad to see the site back up, Daniel!

  2. Thanks, Aaron! I’m glad to be back!

  3. Daniel, Great interview. I have wanted to learn more about Matt. I saw him last year. He is wonderful. Thanks, keep up the good work!!!

  4. I first heard Matt a few years ago, and was blown away! (The mic he had was too).
    You have NEVER properly heard “Oh, What A Saviour” , or “Hide Thou Me” untill you hear Matt do either one live.
    Fortunatlly, I’ve been privleged to see GloryWay many times when he was tenor.
    I never saw the Skyline Boys with Matt, and have not heard Monument yet. But I know that he will be just as good there.
    It’s great to see local guys susceed in pro SG.

  5. I am glad to see a new fresh tenor get some attention. It seems like we only hear about Ernie and Brian and forget that there is new talent emmerging. This guy is the best thing to come along in a very long time. I hope he can get the respect he deserves even though he isnt a household name…Yet. Thanks Daniel for featuring him.

  6. I agree. The singing news features the same artists every month. I wish they would spotlight more young names like you did here. Great jod Daniel!!! I would love to know more about his baseball past. Very interesting.

  7. Daniel, may I make a suggestion? Please just submit your interviews etc to your blog or as html files. PDFs are a huge pain to view online. Make them available to download as PDFs if you desire, but allow us netties to view the web like we should (html).


  8. I’m suprised that Matt list on of his infulences as Ernie Haase, because Matt far surpasses him.
    And no, I’m not saying that just because I don’t like EH&SS. Plain and simple, Matt’s better.

  9. Susan said,

    on July 17th, 2007 at 4:08 pm

    Daniel, may I make a suggestion? Please just submit your interviews etc to your blog or as html files. PDFs are a huge pain to view online. Make them available to download as PDFs if you desire, but allow us netties to view the web like we should (html).

    I enjoyed your interview, Daniel. And PDFs are just fine with me.

  10. I agree about the pdfs. I haven’t even read this interview because of it.

    But thanks for what you’re doing!

  11. Mary,

    Matt has been so open for so long about his admiration for Haase that I’d assumed it was pretty much open knowledge.


  12. I had no problem with the PDF’s. It poped right on my screen and didn’t bog-down the computer.
    Since I’m not very technical with this stuff, I guess I don’t understand Susan and Chirs’s statements.

  13. Great interview. I am a tenor fan and was really impressed with Felts. He has the range to sing as high as Brian or Parrack but still sounds manly going for it. He has more body to his voice. I would put him in the upper levels of singers to come along in quite a while. Im looking forward to seeing what he does in years to come. I would love to see him with a group like Gold City or Legacy five where he would get more notice.

  14. I was forwarded this by a friend. Good interview. I recently saw Monument at a fair and was taken back by this young tenor. I had a chance to speak with him and found that is as good a person as a singer. Wow, what a voice. I agree with the earlier comment, here comes the next in the line of great tenors.

  15. No Falscetto with this man he is a powerhouse. Had the oppurtunity to here him with Gloryway man could they sing Hide Thou Me.

  16. I have not seen Matt since he joined Monument but he sang at a convention here in Pennsylvania last year. After his group sang he was picked to sing with an “all-star” quartet made of a singers from other groups. Matt sang “HIDE THOU ME” and left not only the crowd but the other singers blown away. He will get my vote next year for tenor of the year now that he’s with a Nationally known group. I am definetly a Feltsfanatic.

  17. I missed this interview. Great job. He is an awesome tenor. Does anyone know what his high note is. I heard him sing a F above high C in full voice and it seemed like he had room left.

  18. Seems like im late to find this. Why hasnt the singing news featured him? Hands down one of the best tenors to come along in many years. Better tones than Haase and a full voice powerhouse. He has the potential to be one of the greats if he gets a chance to be heard. I saw him with Monument this summer and they don’t feature him enough. Im excited to watch him develop.

  19. It’s good to see Matt getting the recognition that he deserves. I met Matt several years ago when we were sinigng at the same venue. I was really impressed with his voice and the way he presented a song. I believe he’s one of the best Tenors singing today and I’m glad to call him my friend.

  20. I agree. I met Matt for the first time this past summer. Monument was at a fair near me. I was really impressed how friendly he was and welcoming. I was taken back by his range. They did “Looking for a city” and he took it all the way to f#. It was awesome. I know he has my vote next year for several awards. He seems to be very humble and sincere. I look forward to watching him become one of the major voices in SG.