NQC to stay in Louisville through 2014

According to this Louisville Courier-Journal article, the NQC Board of Directors has rejected a competitive bid from Indianapolis and signed a contract to keep the National Quartet Convention in Louisville through 2014. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

NQC Executive Vice President Clarke Beasley said that “a strong consensus” of attendees preferred Louisville, and that played a role in their decision to stay.

(Thanks to MS for the tip!)

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  1. GOOD

  2. It seems to me that a majority of the folks who want NQC to move never attend anyway.

    • Actually, I go and I would’ve been equally happy with either location. More attendees than one might think come from north of the Ohio.

  3. GREAT! Now if Clark would just leave the schedule alone we’d all be happy. Having Naomi and the Sego’s and the Hunters on Monday night, what used to be MALE QUARTET NIGHT is mind boggling!

    • I agree Brad!!! That is a travesty!!!

  4. I think it is great that NQC is going to stay in Louisville. The next question is, what are they going to do about the poor sound system? The big problem is the poor seats. What are they going to do to make it easier for any one to move around easier and safer if Freedom Hall was like the other buildings that are used for the convention there would never be a reason to leave this city.

    • These are two fairly large concerns in my mind. While sound issues will come up no matter the location, I do think they’d be improved somewhere else.

      I don’t know about seating, but a few people here say thats an issue with Freedom Hall. Lets face it, the majority of the NQC attendees are…..wiser. More “wisdom” means more accessibility concerns.

      • Josh,

        Actually, people who would know have told me that simply moving to an end-stage configuration would solve many of the sound issues – getting the speakers all pointing in one direction, instead of having to broadcast sound in all four directions – would solve many of the feedback issues. The section behind the tunnel could be curtained off except in case of a sellout (but the audience in recent years could all fit in the 90% or so of the theater remaining).

        The problem is, the annual ticketholders who have front row seats would cause no end of trouble if asked to move to the second row.

      • I think an end-stage would also give a far better video performace. As a broadcasting student watching the webcast, there were times I was frustrated if the crew didn’t have a shot. I know things can’t always be perfect in a live setting, but it could definitely be improved (I may have a blog post on this subject because I could go on and on).

      • Well, you’re far from the only one who would like to see it!

  5. I am very happy to hear this good news. I really like having the convention in Louisville. It is further away for me than to go to Indianapolis, but, it costs me less to spend the week in Louisville. I know that the sound & seating is not really that good but I can deal with it. I too will miss not having the first night as Male Quartet Night. That was always my favorite.

  6. Honestly, I would have been fine with either location, so it really makes no difference to me. I’m happy for those of you who wanted it to stay in Louisville, though!

  7. In other words, get ready to go through this again in three years! :o)

    • Ha ha! Isn’t that the truth! 🙂

  8. Everthing is not lost for Indianapolis even though they lost the Super Bowl and the opportunity host the NQC this week.
    Check out what Indianapolis has going for them in 2012.

  9. That’s good news to hear early in the morning.

  10. I live in Indy, so naturally I would love to see NQC here, but what I would really love to see is NQC rotate among a few cities to bring this great event closer to the widespread fan base. I think a 3-city rotation like this could work:

    (covers the midwest and a chunk of the southeast)

    (an easy day’s drive for most in the southeast)

    (covers Texas and a chunk of the southeast and lower midwest)

  11. John,
    Great idea you have with using a 3 state rotation for the NQC. I think this might help attendance and give a lot more fans the opportunity to attend a concert closer to their home. I live in California so Dallas would be a lot closer for me.

  12. It is Southern Gospel music not Northern Gospel music so thank you for keeping it in the South. I realize that over time,since it has now been 100 years,it has become more popular in the North but lets keep it at its roots.

    • Word is that you just might be surprised at the representation of northern states at NQC.

    • I don’t think the “Southern” in Southern Gospel represents location as much as it does style. (this coming from a Minnesotan)

      • …especially when the greatest Southern Gospel group of all time hailed from my home state, Ohio! (And two of the most popular now hail from Indiana and Ohio, respectively!)

      • And might I add two of the best today as well? 😀

  13. History of NQC Locations:

    Memphis, TN (1957-1958)
    Birmingham, AL (1959)
    Atlanta, GA (1960)
    Memphis, TN (1961-1970)
    Nashville, TN (1971-1993)
    Louisville, KY (1994-????)

    If I had to give my top two choices, I’d say Memphis or Indianapolis. Both have nice arenas.

  14. I prefer the location of the NQC to be Nashville. I attended 16 years in a row and the 1st years I attended it was in Nashville My 2nd choice is Memphis. I am very tired of Louisville and will not attend as long as it is there. Since this is Southern Gospel Music you would think it would be in Charleston, Savannah, Myrtle Beach,Charlotte, etc. Definately not Indianapolis I would never go there again, I worked in that town many weeks its too far to me(from NC) and reminds me too much of Louisville.


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