Censoring Blogs

I’ve been on the American Family Association / BSafe Filter for about two years–about as long as I’ve been online.

Yesterday, I found that they had blocked my blog as “News Cults.” They had blocked David Bruce Murray’s under the same reasoning. I understand they have decided to start censoring all blogs.

I just post this as a warning; if you are looking at a filter and want to be able to continue reading this blog, either find another filter or find a version that has an override.

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  1. Blocking ALL blogs? That’s the most ludicrous approach to “filtering” I’ve ever heard.

  2. DBM, it gets worse. Today they added SoGospelNews to the filter list.

  3. If they’re blocking you guys, I wonder what they’re doing to Doug’s blog (averyfineline)???

  4. Where can you view the filter list?

  5. Do you mean the list of blocked websites?

    It’s not even available to those who use the filter; you just type in a website and if it comes up, it comes up, and if not, not.

    Dean, I’ve wondered the same thing. It’s clear for now, but they must just not have found it yet.

  6. I always found filters to be obnoxious anyway. We had a built in filter on our nextwork when I was going to Lee. It blocked me from going to the GAP webpage because it filed it under bikinis, lingerie, etc. I don’t even think the GAP sells swimsuits, and I’m confident they don’t sell lingerie.

    DBM’s filter of “clicking the little X at the top of the page” is the best advice I can give you Daniel.

  7. Chris is correct. Any sort of artificial “intelligence” software that purports to make decisions on your behalf is going to be wrong at least half of the time.

    Have you ever noticed Amazon’s recommendations? They frequently suggest products to me based on my prior purchases, and most of the time it’s stuff I’d never dream of buying. They’re shooting for that 10% of the time or so that I say, “Yeah, I’ll order that from Amazon too.” And that’s harmless enough.

    I’ll admit, I use a mild filter for spam email. I get so much email that it some sort of filter to weed out viruses and obvious spam is a necessity.

    With websites, though, I figure it’s my choice whether or not to go there in the first place…just as it’s my choice to tune my radio dial or flip through TV channels. I’m not going to pay some company, assuming they’ll have the same objections that I have all the time, because the pressure is on them to just take the easy road and “block all blogs” or something equally stupid.

    I’m particularly upset that they’ve gone an extra step and accused me of promoting cult activity, though. That’s defamation of character, and I plan to complain about it loud and clear…not just to BSafe, but also to the companies and popular individuals who endorse it.

  8. Good for you, and I wish you success.

  9. I totally agree,DBM.

  10. In my opinion, they should start blocking those Atheist blogs. It’d be funny to see them wriled up over that.