Les Beasley in Louisville Hospital

According to a report that went out yesterday morning (link requires Facebook login), Les Beasley had been admitted to the Jewish Hospital in Louisville with pneumonia and congestive heart failure. An update yesterday evening clarified that Beasley was not in intensive care and was ambulatory. The hospital staff is hoping to be able to send him home to Florida by Friday or Saturday.

Beasley, former Florida Boys lead singer and manager, was in Louisville for an NQC Board meeting, probably the meeting at which they approved extending the contract with Freedom Hall till 2014.

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  1. Sorry to hear that. Our prayers are with you Les.

  2. My prayers are for him. Hope that he will soon be able to go home.

  3. I too, am sorry to hear this. He seems like such a real southern gentleman, and I like his sense of humor.

  4. Praying for Les and his family. He is such a sweet man.

  5. Speedy recovery, Les. We love you!

    2014??? I was really looking forward to going to another venue for a change, but will still attend NQC in Louisville – or wherever it goes.

  6. Semper Fi, Les, from one old marine Vietnam Veteran to an old Marine Korean Veteran , sorry to hear of your illess, get well and take care. I have loved the Florida Boys for a very long time…