Hendrix on Signature Sound “Get Away Jordan” single

To those who’ve been wondering why Signature Sound sent “Get Away Jordan” to radio after other groups have made it popular within Southern Gospel, radio promoter Rick Hendrix responds:

if any of you would go back and listen to WHY Ernie Haase recorded this song and what it means to him, you would wholeheartedly understand why this record is now receiving such smash airplay at radio. Ernie Haase recorded this song as tribute to the legendary George Younce.He didnt do it to offend anyone or to take from anyone! He recorded it because it helps him fill a void. When he looks across the stage and no longer sees George, he can sing it to the top of the rafters. Anyone that goes back and listens to Ernie Haase sincerity and admiration for George Younce passing and the real meaning of “Get Away Jordan” to him, would have released it to radio as well.

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