Testing a New Design, #2

Let’s just say I don’t take the Facebook route.

Before I launch a new long-term design I like to test a few, to make sure they make sense to everyone, and that you can find your way around.

What do you think of this one? Please share your opinion in the poll and/or the comments. Thanks!

Note: I will transplant our favorite sidebars, such as recent comments, to the winning design. I’m not disposed to put that effort into every theme, since that could result in spending more hours working on it than the hours it actually stays up!

[polldaddy poll=2700749]

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  1. I liked the other better.

  2. If there are several finalists and no clear winner at the end, I might put up a poll to gauge preferences between themes.

  3. I have to say I wasnt a big fan of the other theme(although I’m sure I would eventually get used to it.), but this one I really like! It looks great and it’s also similar to the old one! I really like this one!

  4. This is a keeper! Nice design!

  5. There are several things about this one I like better than the last one. The colors are nice and I like seeing the category and the author for each post.

  6. It’s just not grabbing me Daniel. But if it is your choice, I would get used to it.

  7. will there be a comment button? I couldn’t figure out how to comment for a bit. Think I like the previous one better.

    • I like the colors better than the previous one but I like the previous layout better.

      • Ditto. That’s exactly how I feel. I love the unique color scheme on this one.

  8. I agree with bwarner.

    • Not sure if I can create one or not.

  9. I completely agree with bwarner and David.

  10. I like the colors and size of print and visibility of the print on the background…but prefer the first style. Now, can the number of comments be put on the outside to see at a glance without having to go inside? (it showed no indication on number of comments without opening the thread.)

  11. The compact format of the previous format with the color/background effects of this format would be nice.
    The caption boxes of the other format gives the “on the go” reader the ability to quickly pick out their subject of interest.

  12. Unfortunately this color design is so complex that I wouldn’t be able to port it to the other theme.

  13. I like design #1 better. Would like to have larger print on #1. It looks better now that you darkened the print.

    • I did raise #1’s by one size before taking it down.

  14. I think I liked the other one better… but they’re both pretty cool.

  15. I like this one much better than the last one, but I prefer to be able to read the entire post without having to click on a link.

    • I like that too, but then I also liked having nine stories on first glance – it gives a story more staying power.

      • I liked that also. That will especially help to generate interest on multiple posts a day, I believe.

  16. I think this one looks better aesthetically, but the one from yesterday was better for me functionally and practically. I’m a functional and practical kind of guy after all.

  17. I didn’t see the other one… However, after a few minutes, I actually like this one.

  18. I really like this!!!

  19. I guess I prefer the last one. I seem to agree with most of the comments on here! I voted ambivalent …