An Inspirations Obsession?

Other bloggers have stated that I have an obsession with the Inspirations.┬áThis frankly puzzles me. I like them a bit in some ways and less in others. I like their live shows more than their albums. Archie Watkins isn’t my favorite tenor, but I don’t vehemently hate him either. Their song selection is a mixed bag; I really like some of the songs they introduce, and don’t care for others.

So I guess I just have mixed feelings about the group. They would be on my top 20 list of favorite groups, but they’d be somewhere around #15.

I thought an obsession was “the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.” The Inspirations don’t dominate my thoughts; I mention in passing that I liked one song or disliked another, but that’s about it.

What makes that an obsession?

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  1. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. People are wired differently – therefore they like different things. I would never say you have an obsession with the Inspirations.

    The Mark Trammell Trio on the other hand…

  2. Well, that’s a little closer, but how about the Cathedrals? I’m now five records short of a complete set of Cathedrals projects, I think.

  3. What if we just say you’re obsessed period? LOL Aren’t all SG fans a little bit obsessed about something or someone?

  4. Actually, if I was to say you were obsessed about something it would be to say that you are obsessed about what AVFL thinks period. I think your readers are more interested in what YOU think, than what you think about what someone else thinks of you. Get it?

  5. Obsession is my fellings towards Gold City and the Cathedrals during the 1980’s.
    Daniel ! Where in the world did you find all those precious jems from the Cathedrals??
    I’m local to your area and have a studio. Are you interested in transferring those to CD?

  6. QN — maybe!

    Susan — you’re probably right. I could use to pay less attention to what other people think. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: I wouldn’t have said anything about it if I’d had something else to talk about. But it’s been a slow news day so far, and this was the only thing I could come up with.

  7. Daniel, I think Susan nailed it…you’re obsessed with what other people think of you, particularly if they’re recognized commentators on gospel music.

    I suppose by some definitions, I would be considered “obsessed” with the Inspirations by comparison…I enjoy them, and own every LP they made from 1970 on. I know that some would say I’m obsessed with certain other artists as well,, and depending on who they were referring to, they could be right!

    I don’t notice any obsession regarding the Inspirations on your part except for your intense desire that they hire Dallas Rogers to sing tenor for them.:-)

  8. It’s honestly not an intense desire. Now, on the other hand, hoping Eric Phillips stays with the Mark Trammell Trio…

  9. Daniel,
    I will have to say I did get a good laugh at what AVFL said. The way he words things sometimes are priceless. The whole Martin Cook kool-aid comment was a hoot.

  10. I defended you Daniel. Doug Harrison is a jerk. I hate to use those words, but the guy doesn’t have a clue. Let it slide, it’s balogna, and anyone who knows you realizes it. Ok, now I got that out of my system…lol

  11. Hey, i wouldn’t mind if people would say i’m obsessed with the Kingsmen! LOL., or Inspirations, or Cathedrals, or any of the other great SG groups! They are all great!