Testing a New Design, #5 of 5

I’ve settled on this one and one other as the remaining finalists. What do you think of this one? Please share your opinion in the poll and/or the comments. Thanks!

A couple of notes:

  • Yes, I can and will make the text darker if this theme is selected. Edit: Done.
  • Yes, I can and will make the text larger if this theme is selected. Edit: Done.
  • Yes, I can and will change the logo if this theme is selected.
  • Yes, I can and will move the number of recent comments to display in this theme if selected. Edit: Done.
  • Yes, I can and will move our favorite sidebars to the winning theme. Edit: Done.
  • Yes, I know the Liberty Quartet guys above need their heads back. I’ll get on that before the night’s up. Edit: Their heads are back. Whew.

As my to-do list shows, as the night has gone on, I’ve gotten pretty serious about the potential of this theme. It comes closest to capturing the best of #1’s layout combined with a vibrant graphic design.

[polldaddy poll=2716983]

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  1. Daniel, I really, really like this one and the colors are great, much better than the previous one.

  2. I like the brown and red in this version. This is the best.

  3. Testing threaded comments.

  4. This is, by far, my absolute favorite. I hope this one sticks!

    • Thanks! I think it just might.

  5. You should do something that’s closer to the old one. Shake it up a bit, but keep it similar.

    • There is actually a limited selection, and I didn’t see anything that close to the old theme. Sorry about that!

  6. Great one Daniel best one by far!Hope this one sticks!

    • Thanks! And no, I didn’t intentionally save the best for last. I didn’t even really consider this one and know it would be a finalist until I had put #3 up.

      It has two advantages over yesterday’s theme, which I think would be my #2 choice: (1) I am able to group recent comments by post on this one, and couldn’t on the one last night. (2) It doesn’t have the thumbnail-requiring random posts slidebar, which would take a huge amount of work to get working properly.

  7. Daniel, this is perfect. Don’t change a thing. Threaded comments, how many comments on each post displayed, several posts on the front page, great colors, easy to read.

    • Ditto! Perfect.

  8. Really like this one over all the others. Very easy to read plus look great as well.

  9. This one is REALLY Classy! Hope you pick this one. Very, very nice!!!

  10. My first comment didn’t go through, or something. But, this design is very classy…very, very nice! Hope this is the one!

    • My apologies, Paul! For some reason, they went to the spam folder.

  11. I like this one a lot too.

  12. Best yet!

  13. Daniel… this is awesome! Even better than #4.

  14. Great design…very classy…definitely the one!

  15. And the GOLD medal goes to THIS one AM 2-18-2010!!!!

  16. RESULT! good job Daniel! i think there is no doubt about it. Also this one seems to link weill with the original, it follows through in terms of ‘look’ and ‘feel’, maintaining continuity yet giving you the modernity needed in terms of input. It looks real good. May the Lord continue to use the site for His glory and the exalting of quality praise and worship to the Lamb – our eternal theme and song.

  17. This one is the winner!!! 😛

  18. This one is by far my favorite!

  19. Daniel, of the ones you’ve selected, this one is the best. Colors are contrasted enough; and the ease of use is top-notch. Number 5, definitely.

  20. Great! Very Classy! A Definite Keeper!
    Don’t change a thing!

  21. Thanks! No, I didn’t intentionally save the best for last, but it sure makes things easier that it ended up that way!
    I think we have a winner.

    • Daniel, I have been trying all day to post a comment, but it won’t let me comments through. This is the best design. Very Classy!

      • Sorry about that, Paul! For some reason, they went to the spam folder.

    • Love the layout of “Studio Blue” in the browns and reds. 🙂 Great job, Daniel!

  22. I will try again to post a comment…not going through for me for some reason. Daniel, I think this is the classiest design I have seen…very nice! A true keeper!

  23. I like!

  24. Your new design looks good. I like the clean lines and the simple header.

    • Thanks!

      While I considered several more graphically intense designs, the simplicity of this one (not sure simplicity is the right word) won the day.

      Of course, I can’t take credit for the overall design, though I did design a logo to fit the design and manipulate the CSS so a larger logo would fit without knocking the menu out of whack. 🙂