Random thoughts: Signature Sound and Workout Videos

Daniel Britt recently posted an interview he did with Ernie Haase. In the interview, Haase mentions that he’s been interested in the idea of a Southern Gospel workout video that fans can exercise along with. That’s a great idea, but I have this feeling that if anyone tried following the moves on their main videos, they’d burn just as many calories as they would with a regular exercise video!

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  1. Kelly did an LP version of one with The Nelons in the eighties called Body Light, complete with leg warmers. All the tracks were previously released songs by the group. There was also a full-fledged workout video featuring Lauren Talley (among others) just a couple years ago.

  2. Man, first an online TV channel, now this?

  3. In the interview Ernie did it seemed he needed Roy Webbs help to do the exercise video. I still miss Roy Webb. His new CD is just the best I ever heard for a Piano Solo.

  4. I’m biting my tounge on this one.
    The short form of my thoughts are: WHY?

  5. Mary: My thought exactly. WHY? Number 1, you have to have rhythm of some kind in order to lead an exercise video, unless EH just wants to provide the songs to excercise with and no choreography. This is a real visual. Makes me laugh.

  6. I wish someone would put out a Southern Gospel workout dvd….I had a video years ago that was great….if we HAVE to work out…..it should be to something we enjoy! Right???