Dove Nominees Announced

The nominees in the 2010 Dove Awards were announced yesterday. Southern Gospel picked up about thirty nominations, including a number in the high-profile overall categories.

Producer Wayne Haun picked up seven nominations, more than any other nominee from any genre. (Edit: As Chris points out in the comments, early reports were mistaken; Bernie Herms picked up one more, with eight nominations.) His nominations are mostly producer credits for various nominated songs and albums, but do include a nomination for Producer of the Year.

Jason Crabb was tied for second-most nominations (with six); most were in Southern Gospel and Country Gospel categories, but he did also pick up nominations for Male Vocalist of the Year and in the most prestigious category, Artist of the Year.

Speaking of male vocalist, the nomination generating the most buzz in our genre is Michael English’s nomination for Male Vocalist of the Year—almost certainly his first in the category since 1994. (He was a part of three awards since, two producer credits for the Martins and one for Signature Sound’s Get Away Jordan.) The male vocalist nomination is unquestionably due in part to the prodigal-comes-home narrative grabbing voters’ hearts—but musically, it’s due to his work as the lead singer for the Gaither Vocal Band. Southern Gospel is once again enough of a presence in the genre for a quartet / quintet lead singer could pick up a nomination in the overall male vocalist category. (Edit, 2/20/10: Michael English confirmed that it is his first nomination in 16 years.)

Karen Peck picked up a similarly prestigious nomination, in the Female Vocalist of the Year category.

The Gaither Vocal Band picked up a nomination for Group of the Year. While the chance that they could win is a long shot, it’s not entirely impossible.

Other Southern Gospel nominees include:

Song of the Year (overall)

  • “Born To Climb”; Jeff & Sherri Easter
  • “Somebody Like Me”; Jason Crabb
  • “Why Can’t All God’s Children Get Along”; Karen Peck & New River

Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year

  • “Because He Lives”; Gaither Vocal Band Reunited; Gaither Vocal Band
  • “Born To Climb”; Expecting Good Things; Jeff & Sheri Easter
  • “If You Knew Him”; Almost Morning; The Perrys
  • “Life Goes On”; Life Goes On; Talley Trio

Country Recorded Song of the Year

  • “Somebody Like Me”; Jason Crabb; Jason Crabb
  • “Thank God For Kids”; Every Light That Shines At Christmas; Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Southern Gospel Album of the Year

  • Almost Morning; The Perrys
  • Gaither Vocal Band Reunited; Gaither Vocal Band
  • North America Live!; The Hoppers
  • Treasure; Janet Paschal
  • Worth It; Brian Free & Assurance

Christmas Album of the Year

  • Every Light That Shines At Christmas; Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

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  1. It’s very much a long shot, I know, but I hope the Perrys win their two nominations. They’re easily the southern-est gospel-est group nominated. 😉

    • Yes, it would be neat for them to win 🙂

  2. Congratulations to all those nominated. It’s great to see so many nominations from Southern Gospel Music.

  3. Karen Peck was nominated for Female Vocalist last year, and years past have seen SG artists named in Male Vocalist like Gerald Wolfe, Jason Crabb, and Ernie Haase. It’s not as big a deal anymore since they expanded the category to include 7 nominees instead of 5.

    Why did you fail to mention Austins Bridge and Aaron & Amanda Crabb’s nominations?

    Also – it has been corrected that Haun is NOT the most nominated individual. Bernie Herms was left out of several of his categories. He is the most nominated individual with 8 nominations.

    Jason Crabb is tied as the most nominated ARTIST along with Jars of Clay, Matt Maher, and Skillet.

    • I intentionally said “Other Southern Gospel nominees include…”


      “It’s not as big a deal anymore since they expanded the category to include 7 nominees instead of 5.”

      True. But it’s still an interesting narrative line for Michael English.


      Thanks for the catch on Haun; I’ll edit the post now.

    • Austins Bridge and the Crabbs don’t really fit my definition of Southern Gospel…maybe Daniel agrees. To me including Jason Crabb was quite a stretch, too.

      I’d love to see more traditional quartets or trios represented. (Maybe I should say I’d like to see any traditional quartet represented.) Didn’t the Cathedrals used to win a bunch of Dove Awards?

      • To answer your question, yes, they did. Southern Gospel used to have an even stronger voice in the Dove Awards as well as the Grammy Awards. The Cathedrals, Happy Goodmans, Speers, Bill Gaither Trio, Blackwood Brothers, Imperials, etc. all took home some Dove Awards way back in the day. The Goodmans I know won 2 Grammy Awards in the 1970s.

    • i’am so excited that ernie haase and signature sound got picked for thank god for kids,and every light that shines at christmas.

  4. “I intentionally said ‘Other Southern Gospel nominees include…'”

    I’m still not following why you intentionally left them off. They are “other southern gospel nominees”…

    • The operative word is “include.” It’s not a complete list. For example, I also didn’t list the two SG-related choral collections, or some of the arguably SG-related bluegrass nominees

  5. I guess I am out of touch. Who does the nominating? My hunch is that those involved aren’t really involved in the SG industry but more in the contemporary field. Anyway, the Doves carry no weight in my thinking of what I like in SG music.