A new #1

Most of the time when I am playing music, I am doing it through iTunes. This has been my standard practice for the last several years, over nearly all the time I have been listening to this genre.

I have expanded iTunes’ default top 25 list to track the top 200 songs I most frequently listen to. For the last two years, the title track from the Perrys’ Look No Further CD—arguably the best song on their all-time best CD—has sat atop the list, as my #1 most-played song.

This evening, another song took its place. Can anyone guess?

Hint: This is a song I spoke highly of in a CD review earlier this year (as a reader prompted me to remember, 2009).

I’ll post the new #1 most-played song tomorrow.

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  1. Faithful to the Cross?

  2. I would guess “Oh, the Thought That Jesus Loves Me”…but you didn’t review The Answer earlier this year…that was in 2009.

    • You were right . . . on both points!

  3. I agree with Brian.

    By the way, “Look No Further” was a great Perry’s CD, but “Almost Morning” is even better (IMHO of course).

  4. I am going to guess either “When You Look At Me,” or “Faithful To The Cross.”

  5. And I also agree that Look No Further is the Perry’s best album to date IMHO… I will never understand why “Look No Further,” was not singled…

    • It’s probably because there were so many other awesome songs on the project! Holy Shore, Holy Hills, Come and Get Me, and the list goes on and on!

  6. Always keeping us in suspense.

  7. My guess would be something from the new Collingsworth CD!!

    • Did you know that you put this up after I put the answer up?


    • Whether intentional or not, you’re right!

      • Nope. Didn’t realize it!! But I’m not surprised either! I got what I thought was the latest link from enLighten’s website this morning.

      • 🙂 OK.