The new #1

From yesterday’s post:

Most of the time when I am playing music, I am doing it through iTunes. This has been my standard practice for the last several years, over nearly all the time I have been listening to this genre.

I have expanded iTunes’ default top 25 list to track the top 200 songs I most frequently listen to. For the last two years, the title track from the Perrys’ Look No Further CD—arguably the best song on their all-time best CD—has sat atop the list, as my #1 most-played song.

This evening, another song took its place. Can anyone guess?

The song is the Collingsworth Family’s “Oh the Thought that Jesus Loves Me.” Good guess, Brad (and Brian)! Good guesses all around—you did name songs that I spoke very highly of. I can see that at least a few people were paying attention!

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