12 Letters to the Editor

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  1. Thanks, Daniel. I was very pleased to see this quartet and thought they did a terrific job after having only been performing together for a week.

  2. Very nice sound…I am quickly realizing just how good Pat Barker really is! The quartet is awesome…good move Mark! Powerful song!

  3. What a powerful song and done well by the now Mark Trammell Quartet. I have always known what a good voice Pat Barker has. He will certainly be an asset to this quartet. Mark knows all about what a quartet is and I am sure they will do very well together.

  4. Diana, thank you for posting those videos. I visited your Youtube site, and “Master Builder” showcases Pat’s bass abilitiy quite well. No, he’s not a “George”, but then again; who is?

    I agree with you, Pat Barker’s addition adds a new dimension to Mark’s group. Love it.

  5. Quality sound, and genuine gospel heart, has the feel and solidity of the Cathedrals about it – no higher praise possible! Mark has made a very dignificant move, easily chalenges the top names quartets in SG for quality.

    can i pose a question: in SGQ genre, how would you rate the top 5 for QUALITY and / or GOSPEL content? maybe inc mixed quartets too? what about SG groups generally?

  6. Hello! just invented a new SG adjective, significant and dignified = dignificant! The Mark Trammell Quartet is DIGNIFICANT.
    Who are the Top 5 ‘Dignificant’ SG Groups? Does EH&SS qualify? or Reunited GVB?
    ANSWERS please guys!

    • Yeah, I think those two would. If we’re talking male quartets, maybe round out the list with this group, Gold City, and the Kingdom Heirs?

  7. The new Quartet sounds wonderful,(Even the old white haired guy!)Can’t wait till March 11th when they will be in Lillington N.C.

  8. Sounded good, but if you go to Diane’s youtube, there is another song that Pat is really featured on.

  9. Sounds wonderful, even the old whitehaired man.Looking forward to March 11th when they will be in Lillington N.C.

    • Thanks for the notice Mary Anne. I will definitely be writing that date down.

  10. We met Pat Barker while he was with the Dixie Echoes. He was great there and it took us by surprise of the change, but we have to adjust…I know he is a great
    addition to Mark Trammell. Can’t wait to see them in person.