Steve Hurst Not Dead (!)

Yesterday afternoon, this rather singular email appeared in my inbox:

The reports of Steve’s death are complete incorrect!  Steve is alive and well and living on the Mark Trammell Trio’s bus this weekend.  (You’ll have to ask Mark if this is a good thing or not.  HA)

We have received several calls and questions about some reports this weekend that stated Steve Hurst passed away from a heartache.  Let’s put it this way – – if that is the case, he is a very lively dead person (HA).

It has been a great weekend of ministry and we are very thankful to the Lord for the souls He has allowed us to touch.

So Smile and have a GREAT Week!!!

The Mark Trammell Trio

Now I’m not completely sure that this isn’t just a practical joke. (The “passed away of a heartache” bit almost sounds too funny to be for real.)

But whether there were actually rumors or whether this email was just a big practical joke, I’m glad to see that Steve is alive and well.

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