Treasures: New Cathedrals Songs Unearthed

Three Cathedrals songs I’d never heard before were posted on YouTube a few days ago. Unlike, say, “He Left it All,” these appear to be from a studio recording made in the mid-1980s. I had thought I had a complete Cathedrals collection, but I had never so much as heard of this particular recording.

Does anyone know about this recording? (Even better, own a copy you’re willing to sell to me!?) Any other information would also be appreciatedโ€”song list, year released etc.

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  1. This article places the year for “Joy Robbers” around 1986:

    The guy who posted the videos commented on “Where We Gonna Put the Piano” saying he thinks that song was on some sort of label compilation, not on a Cathedrals CD. Probably the case for all three songs. Fascinating find! Hope we can solve the mystery.

  2. I saw mention of either the second or third song on possibly Avery a while back (or one of the blogs) as being on a various artist compilation. I think I even found it and got it (but it is packed away and I just can’t remember the album name and I think it WAS on LP.) I can’t recall if both were on the same one or not, but the last two titles both look familiar. I don’t know that I had heard of the first. I wasn’t able to listen to the lp until I get my turntable going again. I will listen to them now though. If I find more info I will try to post the results here.

  3. Let me clarify that whatever blog I saw it mentioned on, was by a poster, not the owner of the blog. It was in response to whatever topic was going on.

  4. I have a friend, who is a missionary in Mexico, who saw that I had posted these on my FB page last evening. He said he remembers hearing these 25 or more years ago. He also posted that he will be sending me the information on where these songs came from.

    What puzzles me is that the person that posted these on YouTube seems to have no idea where they came from. If that is so, how did he post them in the first place?

    • I am the poster of the videos.

      I did, in fact, own the cassette originally. I had made a ‘mix tape’ of my favorite songs years ago; I have since lost the original cassette, so all I have left was my “backup”.

      If you listen to the arrangement and the technical style of the piano on “I’ve Got More To Look Forward To”, there is a striking similarity to the style(s) on the Cat’s “Goin’ In Style” project that does not appear on any other project. (IIRC, Lari Goss played on the “Goin’ In Style” project.)

      I have had a long-standing suspicion that artists may record more songs than necessary for a project, pick the best, and dump the rest (or save for another project). We may have evidence of such with these tracks, since these were never on an actual Cathedrals project.

  5. Found the following on a google search for “Joy Robbers”.

    Original link:

    Christi Oakley is singer, songwriter, guitarist and recording artist and arranges all the music for the group.

    She said she has been writing gospel music for 16 years. Some of her material has been published by Eddie Crook in Nashville. One of her songs, ”Joy Robbers,” was chosen in the Top Ten at the National Quartet Convention in 1986 and was recorded by The Cathedrals.

    • Christy Oakley was my grandma and I miss her soooo much!

  6. John, I presume he had bootleg copies of some sort.

  7. What’s the probability that they were one of those I’ve heard talked about (with other groups) that were recorded, but didn’t make the cut onto the final version of album?

    It’s always such a thrill to hear something new by the Cathedrals. Most of their stuff I’ve listened to death.

    The “Where We Gonna Put the Piano” – I couldn’t help thinking that the Kingsmen with Hamill would have had fun with that one. I’m surprised they never did it.

  8. Chris Smith, formerly of the Inspirations, has done “Where We Gonna Put the Piano.”

  9. To all the questions – I don’t know!

    This is a complete mystery to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I have the compilation cassette. It’s called “National Southern Gospel Song Competition” and is dated 1986. It also features songs from The Speer Family and The Singing Americans. I didn’t realize I had such a rare find. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. The compilation is called “National Southern Gospel Song Competition” and is copyrighted 1986. It also includes songs by The Speer Family and The Singing Americans. I love the tape but didn’t realize it was such a rare find. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well, we should have asked you first! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. My favorite-“Where are we gonna put the
    piano”…Reminded me of the years past and I do realize my age when I hear these
    oldies to me that are golden…I would say the Statlers would also sing in this
    style…If God willing this month I will
    be 86 bless you all…Joe Sahadi

    • Joe, I had no idea you were going to be 86 but what a blessing. I feel doubly blessed now that you would read the writings of us whippersnappers. Well, Daniel’s a whippersnapper. I’m not sure what category I fall into. When is your birthday?

  13. Yeah, that’s it. I wonder though if I found it or only was looking for it. Sony, is it possible to put a cover scan here?

    • If my techy brother will help me out, I’ll try to do that for you.

      • Cool. I imagine Daniel would like it and the label info etc. for his site too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. …and if you ask me, the mix on “I’ve Got More” is sub-par for a Cathedrals’ project. The piano/guitar coupling during all 3 choruses upstages the vocal levels. It’s likely an unfinished mix that got thrown on the compilation, and quite possibly more evidence that the song may have been cut from a project-in-progress.

    Makes one wonder what other jewels are floating around.

  15. Thanks!

    Yes, they sometimes record extra, but I think that’s a luxury that only Gaither – tier artists have. Most couldn’t afford it.

  16. ITF, you are correct. Chris Smith, who for many years traveled as the “One-Man Quartet” (& formerly with the Inspirations) cut “Where We Gonna Put The Piano?” as the title track on one of his CDs. His cut is quite a bit different from this Cathedrals offering…Younce performs the verses as a recitation, but Smith sang all the verses.

  17. Christina Opal Oakly is our maternal grandmother….we might have some of these recordings you desire….(0_~’)