Video: Gaches tackles “I Stand Redeemed”

Ever since Josh Cobb introduced “I Stand Redeemed” on Legacy Five’s debut project, Strong in the Strength, the true test of a Legacy Five tenor has been their rendition of that signature song.

Cobb’s original rendition was in an unearthly-high F, modulating to G. Few other tenors can sing in that range—David Phelps is probably the only tenor on the road today (besides Cobb himself) who could deliver a power-tenor rendition in that key—and following Legacy Five tenors have keyed it down.

Frank Seamans, who recorded the song in 2007 on Know So Salvation, took it down two keys, to E-flat, modulating to F. Gus Gaches takes it down one more key, D modulating to E:

I doubt the issue is whether Gaches can sing the song in the higher keys. He hits throws in fifth intervals (e.g., high As and Bs) here and there, comfortably. So undoubtedly, he can technically hit the notes, but he probably prefers slightly lower territory and more to command to upper range regions with the chance or sounding strained on an off night.

It seems that he is comfortable enough in his own shoes to put his own mark on the song without attempting to equal other renditions. Under Gaches’ ownership, this song will be slightly mellower, less a big ballad and more a message / testimony song. And there is a place for both renditions.

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  1. You gotta do what you gotta do…but if they take it down anymore, they may have to make it a bass feature.

    • Of course I just kidding.

  2. 🙂

    It wouldn’t be a bad bass feature, though, in the hands of the right bass.

    • I agree! 😛

  3. Actually Won By One recorded the song on “Bold and Unashamed” and featured Bob Caldwell on it. It was a good bass feature, too!

  4. Personally, I find it kinda nice to hear a “power-ballad” sung in a range where all the vocalists are comfortably w/in their upper ranges. As a listener, it helps me relax and absorb the messaage instead of worrying about whether or not they can make it through to the ending.
    Greater Vision has set a great example as a group that doesn’t push their range on every song, and yet they communicate with powerful and rich harmonies.

  5. I actually prefer this version over the screeching original… Gus sounds much more solid and comfortable, in his upper registers than any other previous L5 tenor. I have heard Gus can hit a High C comfortably in his Full voice, and go on up to a F in his head tones… So I think he could tackle the original. But then it is not about how high you can sing, it is about delivering the message of the song… And Gus can carry a ballad with the best of them…

  6. I really enjoy this version of “I Stand Redeemed.” It is more meaningful sounding than the previous versions… I love the fact they went with no orchestration… It puts more of emphasis on the words, and not the music. Nicely done Gus and L5… I have also heard that Gus can hit some pretty high notes well above the A’s and B’s in this rendition…

  7. The ensemble work is somewhat lifeless because of the lower harmonies. I don’t think it has to be sky high, but it needs to be higher than this. Like when they sing the word lamb, it’s simply too heavy of a sound for my ear’s liking. Gaches is good singer. He needs to sing this in a higher key though, even if it’s a little uncomfortable. I like it simply with the piano (not necessarily better than with the track), but simply because Tim Parton is simply wonderful. He doesn’t often overplay, but yet, he manages to produce a fullness with his piano playing. He understands how to add to the overall sound, and when he’s playing with tracks, he doesn’t always play on top of the melody. Instead, he plays in the appropriate complementary spots. It’s a great song. I think this version can be improved though.

    • I agree on the key… They should either take it up to the key that Frank did it in, or take it up even higher…

      • And also I don’t think Gus would be uncomfortable at all in a higher key… He has a very good range that does not show in this video…

  8. Beautiful song; whether in the higher range or in this one.

  9. I had to go to Youtube and listen to Josh’s version once more. As my four year old grandson is so prone to say when he sees or hears something extraordinary, “OH WOW!”

    I have to agree; the higher range is more powewrful and Josh sings it with an ease that is remarkable.

  10. Speaking of Josh, go check out Gold City’s Youtube channel and check out the video of Josh singing “Satisfied”…. the ending is just incredible… I haven’t checked yet(the actual key, need to hit a key on my Piano to make sure), but it’s a HUGE note!!

  11. Josh Cobb blew everyone else out of the water. The other guys shouldn’t even sing that song anymore.

    • It is not about who sings it, and how it is sung it is about the message of song. And Gus IMO nails it… You don’t have to listen to any other guys sing it… You can put in your Josh version and listen all you want…

  12. Gus Gaches is a great tenor! What people don’t understand is that if you don’t sing in comfortable keys you’ll get your voice burnt out. Especially when you sing that much.

  13. I am a brand new listener to Legacy Five and so I may be off base, but to me Gus Gaches seems to be easier to listen to (I would hesitate to say better singer because Im not familiar enough with either guy) than his predecessor. I can’t really put my finger on why but I perfer this version of the song compared to the recorded version Frank sang tenor on. Maybe it’s just me…..

    • Well, if someone does a song in a more subdued, easy-listening musical style, I suppose it would stand to reason it would be easier to listen to. 🙂

  14. Okay, let’s get some talk about a different group going here… 😉 (I know, I know, look who’s talking. Give me a little credit for trying, okay?)

    This was the second video I found when I discovered L5 (the first was a live performance of “Faithful to the Cross”). I was immediately impressed by the song and by Gus’s rendition of it. Later I went and found the HQ version with Josh Cobb, and honestly, it didn’t have the same impact on me. Number one, Gaches is just a better tenor (IMO). And number two, as people have already pointed out here, the song is just more poignant and easier to concentrate one with a lower DQ (drama quotient). I’m very happy for Gus and look forward to the group’s future projects featuring him!

  15. Wow. I’ve just gone around comparing versions of this song once again, and once again, I keep coming back to this one. Neither Frank nor Josh is in Gus’s league, IMO. It’s very rare that group turnover will yield a better fit than ever before, but wow… somebody say KEEPER?