Vestal Goodman’s Sister

Vestal Goodman’s brother, Cat Freeman, was a well-known tenor singer. It turns out she also had a sister, Millie. At least as of a year ago, Millie was still alive and still singing:

Even if Vestal might have gotten the strongest set of musical genes in the family (apologies to Cat Freeman fans!), it looks like Millie wasn’t not bad at all herself.

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  1. About four years ago Hissong was singing at a BBQ place in East Ridge. The guys introduced us to Ms. Millie and she sat at our table during the singing. Interesting lady (and good BBQ too).

  2. Don’t know how old she is but she has an excellent voice for her age. Kinda reminds me of Eva Mae LeFevre singing when she was ninty years old. Love those old folks that keep singing.

  3. Wasn’t not bad? 😉

    • Yeah I noticed that too. Was that an intentional double negative? haha

  4. I wonder if the one guy singing with her thinks he is singing bass. He wouldn’t be the first who thinks singing the melody down an octave is singing bass. 🙂

  5. Does she call everybody darlin’?

  6. Yes, Daniel, I think you SHOULD apologize to Cat Freeman fans! LOL!

  7. Okay. Attention all Cat Freeman fans:

    Please accept my apologies . . .

    . . . for stating the obvious. 😛

    Sorry, John, that was too good of a window to pass up. (Cat Freeman was a very good singer, too, I don’t deny that!)

  8. As of about this same time (a year or so ago), Millie could regularly be seen attending all of the Chattanooga-area SG concerts. I haven’t been to any myself in over a year, so I don’t have any updates about her

  9. Johnny Cook should already be in the SGMH of Fame. He sanged with Goodman’s and he and Vestal made a great pair. Johnny was the greatest tenor singer that ever pace the stage of gospel msic.

  10. Is there any way to get more of Johnny Cook’s recordings? I have never heard his equal. Good, yes, but not his equal.

    • Many are available used on Amazon or eBay.

    • There are several sites you can go and find sone of Johnny Cook’s music. It is very hard to find any but just keep trying. Ther is a site that has some listed now. Then occasionally you might get lucky on e bay but most of his music is bought up by people like me. Which ones are you looking for maybe I can help you. I live in Texas and southern gospel music is about all we listen to here.

  11. Last I heard, about a year ago : Millie had developed alzheimers and was in a home in Alabama

  12. Millie Freeman is in Collinsville Nuseing Home, she was in the room across from my grandmother, she still remember singing and she will tell everyone shes the sister of Vestal Goodman and her brother is Cat Freeman, she still will sing and she will just cry when she talks about her family, but didn’t know if anyone knew where she was this days. Sometime I will stop in to see her, she seem to have good sprit and she will tell everyone she loves the Lord.