Ryan Seaton to announce plans on Monday

Ryan Seaton will be announcing his future plans on Monday on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, two pieces of information have just surfaced. First, he has posted a video of pictures from a photo shoot. He’s the only one getting his picture taken, at least in these shots—but then, group projects do tend to have individual pictures as well, and this could be selected footage.

Second, Brandon Beene announced on his Facebook page that he will be working with Ryan Seaton on this project (hat-tip, EG). What’s not clear from that announcement is if Beene will have a behind-the-scenes role or if he will be a member of a vocal group.

Much remains uncertain, but one thing still is certain: There is enough of interest here to keep our interest level piqued until Monday.

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  1. I am so anxious to hear the announcement. Ryan has so much to offer the SG world. Ryan, make the announcement early in the morning!!!

  2. Yes I do agree he has much
    to offer SG world with his talent…J.S.

  3. Who is this guy?

    • Former lead singer for Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

      • OH! Thanks! Now I know who he is!

    • How soon we forget. lol

  4. According to his facebook site today he announces that he is embarking on a solo career with an IMC management team.