Revamping the Fan Awards?

Periodically, fans on the Singing News Message Board throw out ideas for revamping the Fan Awards. I thought Jeff from Kentucky’s idea here was a different enough spin on the topic to make it worth mentioning.

The gist of it is that after a singer wins an award for a set number of years, say five, they are moved into a different category of “legends” and are ineligible to win the award.

Although my personal preference is to let the fans select whomever they may want for as long as they want, if they are to be re-vamped at some point this is an interesting way it could be done.

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  1. Oh, please.

    There’s always someone who doesn’t like something…and as long a they have the ability to vent about it, they’ll advocate anything to change something either for change’s sake, or because their misguided ideas of what constitute “fairness” need to be exercised via a forum such as this one.

    Leave the Fan Awards alone…they are for all the fans, not just for those who are compelled to vote annually.

    Jeff’s argument reminds me of the tiresome ones for term limits for politicians…look, if you don’t think the same people should win all the time…VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE THEN!

    But don’t interfere with the right I and everyone else has to exercise their freedom of choice…it’s just as important as yours.

  2. Was not this what they did for Anthony Burger?
    Now in that case they named the award after him…probably can’t do that in every case. But I think Jeff’s idea has merit…good for the industry, and is probably good for the artist’s as well…after all, what artist would not like being designated a legend?
    I bet they would even put in their “poop sheet”…Yeh, I think Jeff’s got a good idea!
    …course I’m a hick that thinks “Term Limits” are a good thing too (for a lot of reasons).

    “Oh please!”…
    (that’s gonna be my new sign-off)


  3. With the drastic changes they made this year (which were very positive once we got the part categories restored), I think it would be best to simply leave the awards unchanged for the next few years.

    I never thought it was fair to Anthony Burger when other winners weren’t prematurely “retired” from eligibility as Burger was. Yes, Burger was made eligible for the award again after a period of time, but we know that these awards are based on momentum to a certain degree. Who knows how many more years he would have won?

    I’m sure it was considered a rare honor at the time to name the award after Burger. In retrospect, Burger never got the opportunity that was given to others who won the same award more than ten times.

  4. I agree with Jeff and hogfan. It would not slight the person who becomes ineligible because it dubs them a “legend.” In fact, it’d be almost more of an honor for them while still recognizing the other talent in the industry.

    Yeah, Hog, term limits are VERY good things. lol

    I think I know you somehow. Soul’d Out?