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  1. Way to go Marsh…..

  2. Going tonight in Reading, PA. I know my wife will be disappointed. She’s a big Michael English fan.

  3. So, Bill doesn’t really sing bass, the GVB which was a quartet now has 5 members; one of the three tenors is off sick, and is replaced by a baritone lead, so now they have three baritones and two tenors. strange thing is it seems to work and ‘Reunited’ has some of the best renderings of W Gaither Classics ever recorded… Can’t help feeling though, if they had a solid bass singer and Bill filled in a double baritone with Mark the sound would be even better & it wouldn’t really matter if the quartet was a six-piece!

  4. Hopefully Marshall Hall will be back with the vocal Band
    as he fit in so well…JS

    • He will back for a few weeks until Michael English is better. In my understanding, he’s still a minister of music.

      • Do you know if Marshall is filling in for the Toledo, OH date on March 20?

      • I’m sorry – I don’t know that.

      • From what Bill said Friday night in Reading, Marsh will fill in until Michael is able to return. And, yes, Marsh did a great job! They all did, including David who was sick… Gene MacDonald’s bass added to several of the songs as well.

  5. I was so bummed when Marsh left the GVB, he is a supremely talent vocalist. Those who are getting to see him sing with the vocal band are very fortunate.

  6. I have liked many of the Vocal Band members, but I will be at least partially disappointed if English isn’t there when I see them. (Not that I don’t like others in there now and would feel that way if they too weren’t there) However, I would hope he will be much better by the time I see them in a couple of months.

    • quartet man, I need to hear from you my computor crashed and I need to talk to you about your upcoming wedding. Gene

      • I never knew I was ever engaged. 😉 Sorry, I just saw this, but you had the wrong person. I have used this handle since 2000, but it appears someone else much be too. Maybe someday God will bless me with a wife, but I haven’t seen one fall from the sky yet. 😉

  7. I was at the Reading concert last night. On one of the songs-I forget which one-Bill did one of his signature bass slides, but the last note was definitely not him. I’m sure it was Gene Mac nailing from it from the sideline somewhere. Was disappointed that English couldn’t be there, but Marsh did a good job.

    • I don’t understand why someone would want to go to a concert to read. I go to hear music. 😉

  8. Marsh did a great job on Jesus Loves Me on friday night in Reading, PA. He really puts his “twist” on that old childrens song. He took the lead on many of the GVB songs, as if he has been with them all along. He seemed to be having an awesome time on stage with the guys. I noticed Mark, Marshall and Wes cutting up quite a bit in the background during the “homecoming”

  9. That is so cool! I was very sad when Marsh left…glad to see that there aren’t hard feelings. Or at least not enough to keep a “reunion” from happening.

  10. I was thrilled to see and hear Marshall on the Homecoming “Giving Thanks” video. There is something so genuine, so sincere, so anointed every time Marshall sings. I have been blessed and ministered to every single time I have listened to Marshall minister in music. In my opionin, Marshall IS the real deal. He certainly received a double portion of the anointing of the Holy Spirit on his ministry.

  11. I don’t understand why some quartets can’t leave a good thing alone. Would love to see GVB & EH & SS rejects get together. That would be an outstanding group, i.e. Ryan, Marshall, Tim and hunt down a long forgotten but one I like, tenor, Johnathan Pierce. What about it guys? Wouldn’t take you long to get it together since you have sung together already.

    • Ummmmm…rejects? LOL.

    • You guys aren’t members of EHSS or GVB until I say you are!