Dan Keeton joins Blackwood Quartet

Dan Keeton Quartet

Blackwood Quartet

There was apparently one more change in the works after the merging of the Blackwood Quartet and the Blackwood Gospel Quartet. As of yesterday, former Dixie Melody Boys / Dan Keeton Quartet tenor Dan Keeton is now officially their new tenor singer.

It’s great to see him back on the road.

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  1. Well…what happened to to their new tenor Dale Evans? Everyone was talking about him, and I was hoping to him live. Regardless, Dan will be great (he was with Mark many years ago, before joining DMB).

    • Who knows. At least they got this lineup change done before really doing much to build name ID for the new lineup (radio singles, CDs, big concert appearances etc.)

      • Yes, that is very true! Dan is a good singer, and from what I can remember did a great job with Mark before!

  2. I’ve never sung with a finer Christian man than Dale Evans. He is going back to work in Knoxville, spending his evenings and weekends with his wife and children. We all love Dale and hated making such a difficult decision.

    However, as has been seen with groups all throughout this industry, this kind of change takes place often.

    Stay tuned for big things to come from the new and improved Blackwood Quartet.

    • I’m totally staying tuned—I’m just hoping the big things to come doesn’t involve anything lineup-wise, since you’ve got about as good of a vocal lineup as you’re going to get! đŸ™‚

    • David, I would love to talk to you guys about having to quartet come to our church sometime this year, but have not heard anything from filling out the website form.

      • Paul, I just told Mark about your comment. Mark said that you’re a good guy and he hasn’t forgotten about you. It’s been crazy here, but he said he’ll try to call you tomorrow.

      • A side note…I was wondering if there might be a copy of the track to “He Could Never” that I might be able to purchase from Mark to use in church. I have been listening to it on the BGQ site and it is exactly what I have been looking for, for this season.

  3. So is Dan still with The Blackwood QT or is going to Gold City or what’s going on. I’m getting reports of junk everywhere.

    • I think (emphasis on the word THINK), that Brent Mitchell is still the official GC tenor, but he had a family emergency so Dan is filling in.

      I’m not sure of anything anymore though when it comes to Gold City.

      • Correct.

      • Thanks y’all very much. The only report I’m getting is some guy on my youtube who doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about. Then I stumbled upon another blog site and all that was there was cursing and junk about everything GC.

      • I think we know which website you mean Logan. My advice would be not to go back there.