Good News from Canaan

Last time I posted news about Word’s re-launch of Canaan, it didn’t sound as though Word was putting much effort into getting Canaan back off the ground. A sales rep at CBA’s International Christian Retail Show said that Canaan was in talks with no new artists and that it was quite unlikely that Canaan would pursue digital distribution of their back catalog.

This Reuters article tells another story. Here’s the money quote, from Word’s Senior Vice-President of Marketing, Rod Riley:

Riley said the label is negotiating with other artists and will announce additional signings soon.

Another highlight:

With the relaunch, Word Entertainment becomes the only one of the big three Christian music companies — Word, EMI Christian Music Group and Provident Music Group — to have a Southern gospel division. It’s a move some see as a boost for the genre as a whole.

Even the digital issue is addressed:

Dean Hopper said he’s particularly excited about the label’s digital initiatives. “The digital age is here. How are we going to compete? How are we going to move our music into the future? I think Word has got the best handle on that.”

All in all, it’s good news, very good news, for Southern Gospel.

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  1. For me, digital reissues of the back catalog would be worth having Canaan back by itself!

    If they also intend to recruit and sign new talent to the venerable label, that would be gravy!

  2. I don’t know why everyone was getting all worried about this. I was at the launching party and they said these very things and I believe SGN reported on this.

    I think most people are just impatient and couldn’t wait a month or two until something else was announced.

  3. Worry and suspense is the best tools for marketing operations.
    Suspense is what keep people interested in a story.
    Just watch “Nancy Grace” on CNN.
    A story that is trying solve a difficult situation stay on the TV screen every night untill it is solved.
    The story goes off the radar screen once the solution is found and the viewers lose interest.
    No wonder the street news reporters have their bags pack ready to go all the time.
    I think Daniel Mount has his suitcase packed the way he is traveling and reporting these days.

  4. Thanks for the compliment (at least I think it’s one)!

    I’m always on the lookout for updates on SG’s current hot stories. 🙂