Sony’s Thoughts: Things Could Be Worse

Last night, I read the account in Homecoming magazine about the typhoon in the Philippines which created a mudslide and collapsed a house. The survivors were rushed to local hospitals except for an 18-year-old young man who was left to remove the rubble and find that his mother, his baby brother, his two sisters, and two nieces were all dead. How easily this family could have given into despair and everyone would have understood.  Yet, in the midst of that tragedy, they understood that God has a plan for each survivor and their faith has increased instead of being dashed along with their houses.

Reading this account reminded me that, in reality, most of us really have nothing to complain about. Life may be hard but it could be a lot harder. We may not understand why certain things happen to us but God is still very good to us just like He was good to this family. It may not seem like goodness for God to let them lose their home and some of their family members but God has a plan and I trust that He will somehow use this for His glory. Maybe others will come to know Him because of the faith of this family. I don’t know but I do know that God’s love is strong for each of His people and He loves you as well. No matter what you are going through, take some time to thank God for His love and His goodness. Sing “It is Well” for, if you are a true Believe, it really is well with your soul and that is truly something to be thankful for.

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