GC featured in Grand Rapids Press

Gold City was recently featured in this article in the Grand Rapids Press.

The Gold City ensemble spent much of the past year finding itself.

“We kind of figured out who we are, musically, and then let that shine through our style,” baritone singer Daniel Riley said of the Southern gospel group. …

“We’re a new generation, and we’re a little different type of guys, although we’re being true to our roots,” said Daniel Riley, 34, from the group’s Gadsden, Ala., office. … Gold City “kind of broke the mold and started over” with its latest musical collection, “Revival.”

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  1. Well, I found one error. “Tenor Josh Simpson, 23, already has been with the group nearly two years.” Steve Ladd is the tenor, Josh Simpson is the pianist!
    Other than that, it’s a great article.
    Daniel Riley mentioned that they have “fallen back to a style more similar to the early days”. I’m hoping that this falls in line with the rumor of them soon to be recording a “Classics Volume 2”!

  2. “Kinda broke the mold” is putting it very mildly. I’ve only listened “Revival” on purpose twice. Other GCQ recordings I’ve worn out.

  3. QN, “Revival” is a lot better in pace, and better quality than “Heaven”. I like it better than “First Class” as well. This album is great when you’re in the car driving. I believe it’s one of the best they’ve put out in a while. I play it constantly. I don’t believe I’ve played a specific album this much since “Standing In The Gap” (my all-time favorite).

  4. Matt, could that be in part because they’ve taken their time about recording another project (of new songs)?

  5. Well, I thought about it, and the answer would be… no. I still listen to all my other albums, but at the beginning, this album stuck out. There are a few others that did the same (CQ-Radio Days, GC-Signed Sealed Delivered, BFA-Lovin’ This Livin’ For The Lord, KQ-Proven Time & Time Again) when it comes to grabbing my attention for ‘ear’play. But Revival just kept pressing as a favorite!