Singing News Fan Awards nominees announced

Singing News posted their top 10 Fan Awards nominees here. As it frequently is year to year, there are few surprises. A couple of things I noted:

  • David Phelps and Michael English picked up nominations for tenor and lead, respectively. Despite what some anticipated, it looks like Southern Gospel’s more traditional wing is ready to welcome them back.
  • In the favorite musician category, there are nine men and one woman, as it has been the last few years. Triumphant remains hot right now, so Jeff Stice is probably the frontrunner. A woman has never won this award, but don’t be surprised to see Kim Collingsworth pick it up one of these years.
  • There seems to be this sense on various Southern Gospel message boards that “If You Knew Him” is the front-runner for song of this year. Online prognosticators haven’t always accurately represented the pulse of the print readership, of course, but don’t be surprised to see that one as the front-runner this year.
  • Congratulations to the Blackwood Brothers for their first top 10 Male Quartet nomination in a long time.
  • It looks like the Mark Trammell Quartet didn’t sing their first date with Pat Barker in time to be listed in the quartets category. I believe that the change was announced by the eligibility period, but apparently the first date together was the dividing line. There is really no reason not to list Pat Barker in his current group on the next ballot, though. I seem to think there may be precedent for updating group affiliation, but I can’t quite remember it right now.
  • Guy Penrod is nominated in the soloist category. Could he give Ivan Parker a run for his money?
  • The Horizon Individual is a wide-open category this year. Gus Gaches and David Ragan both come from perennial fan favorite groups, Pat Barker has a solid fan base of his own, and both Bryan Elliot and Brian Alvey have at least a long-shot chance.

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Horizon Individual is definitely one to watch. Gaches, Ragan, and Barker are all high-profile candidates and are deserving. I would call Gaches the favorite due to the L5 fan base.

    I agree that “If You Knew Him” is the favorite, and I hope it wins.

    I’m starting the campaign for Mark Trammell Quartet to win favorite quartet next year! Who’s with me?

    • I’m on board!!

  2. I’m with you Nick!

  3. It should be interesting to see if the Hoppers continue to have their hold on their annual awards (Mixed Group, Female Vocalist, & Soprano). Am I the only one who found it interesting to see that the McKameys got more nominations than the Booth Brothers?

  4. let me just say i am so proud of my buddy Dave Ragan for being nominated for 3 awards in just a little over a year on the road!

  5. I really hope “If You Knew Him’ wins song of the year because I think it is the best of several great songs this year. However, I will be surprised if any song other than the current Booth Brother’s song wins. I did not feel that “What Salvations Done For Me” was the best song last year (just my opinion of course), but it still won.

  6. I’m psyched to see the GVB getting some love. It’s a shame they’re no longer eligible for male quartet. Let’s hope David and Michael make the top five. They deserve it.

    So does Guy, but I have to admit I’m not as psyched about his solo work.

  7. We’ve got a great field of songs to choose from this go-around, but “He Locked the Gates” from the Kingdom Heirs is probably my favorite song of the past few years, in addition to this one…particularly the live release.

  8. How did I miss the nominations? I’ve been out of town all week and not on the internet very much for months. I guess I wouldn’t have affected the results much anyway! 😀

  9. Love Guy Penrod ! (as long as he’s not competing with Arthur Rice)