Tracy Crouch says adieu

A few days ago, Stewart Varnado announced that bass singer Tracy Crouch is leaving the Dixie Echoes. I monitor his blog every day; a few days ago, he posted about his decision. Dixie Echoes fans, why don’t you join me today in stopping by and thanking him for his years on the road.

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  1. Man, I wish I’d known this. I saw the Dixie Echoes last night at Westview Nazarene in New Castle, IN; nothing was said about Tracy leaving, but that doesn’t surprise me. Mercy’s Mark was at our church a couple of weeks ago, 3 days before Josh Feemster left, and nothing was mentioned about that, either.
    I liked Tracy and felt he had a promising future ahead of him; I’ll be interested to see whether or not he remains involved in Southern Gospel.


  3. Are you implying that Crouch wasn’t good enough? I heard the DE’s several times with him and he can handle the part just fine. Sure, he wasn’t a Gene McDonald type but he was very consistent and really knew the limits of his voice and stayed within them. There are several bass singers out there right now that could take that lesson from Crouch and learn what they are and are NOT good at. I think the DE’s will really miss his contribution to their sound.

  4. For that ole time flavor they have. He just don’t have enough flare for that style.

  5. DJC,
    unfortunatley we will never have a stylist with the flare of Big Cheif singing again.
    He was one in a million.

  6. you are right on that QN