Sony’s Thoughts: Thinking About Home

This past week, I’ve been thinking about Heaven a fair amount. Maybe it’s due partly to the fact that I’ve been listening to the Chuck Wagon Gang sing “I’m Gonna See Heaven” and The Freemans sing “Hello in Heaven.” It doesn’t take much for my mind to begin wandering but I can’t think of anything more worthwhile to daydream about.

You see, the things of earth truly do grow dim when gazing upon that city. Its beauty far outweighs the most spectacular sight we will ever see down here. The walls of jasper and streets of gold must be more dazzling than I can even imagine but I don’t picture that being what catches my eye. Somehow I think my eyes will not gaze at anything until I’ve caught a glimpse of Jesus and, once I find Him, I suspect I’ll just want to study Him. I’ll long to touch Him to make sure I’m no longer dreaming. I suspect once He takes me in His arms, I won’t want to move. I’ll just want to savor the moment because it’s the moment I’ve waited my whole life to encounter. And I know I won’t be disappointed. What a day, glorious day that will be!

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  1. Heaven is truly a wonderful, worthy thing to daydream about. Thanks for putting such sweet images in my mind as I head off to church, Sony!