George Younce’s albums with the Blue Ridge Quartet

Many of you know that I maintain a website on the history of the Cathedrals, It is basically a massive history project; I have a page on every member of the Cathedrals, as well as on each of the groups that they were members of (whether before or after their time with the Cathedrals). Some of these pages, such as the ones on Greater Vision, Legacy Five, and the Mark Trammell Trio, are fairly well developed; others need a lot of work.

For several years before joining the Cathedrals, George Younce was a member of the Blue Ridge Quartet. I don’t use my blog often to plug the Cathedrals website, but I wanted to note that the Blue Ridge page just took a major step up in quality. The discography, which had previously been incomplete, has now been completed, courtesy of information provided by former Blue Ridge tenor Ed Sprouse.

This website is only as good as the information we put into it. I welcome all suggestions and additional information you may have; feel free to post any suggestions in the comments here.

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